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10 Traits to Develop as Servant of Christ

We hear every day about how people ought to be but how many men are what they would have others be. We live in a world that finds faults with others and then points them out but they never reveal their own faults to the public unless they are caught.

Many said Donald Sterling was always a bad man meaning his view point on racial ethics. I wrote about Mr. Al Sharpton who is also a bigot as much as Mr. Donald Sterling. No one says anything about Sharpton and he continues to serve in congress. If we are going after bigots lets go after all of them, or shut up.

I have a different view point about what kind of man We ought to be. I mean everything I write or I wouldn’t write it. I love life and am grateful for the blessing God has given me but I can improve and I know every man can also improve. I can be insensitive and know I can and I can be a better person and a better man. The list of 10 traits are what I think good men should be like and develop these traits. They come from the virtues of Christ.

First, I need to be a more humble man. One that doesn’t pretend to be something I’m not and accept myself for the good and bad that I am and act accordingly. Change what I need to change to be a better person or man. I am only important when I can help other people.

Second, I need to be more obedient to Gods laws and also to mans laws and do it with zest and zeal showing people life is great and I love being alive.

Third, I should be a healer. Not a Doctor but a man who cares about others and will help, care, love, and do what I can possibly do to be a very good friend, neighbor and citizen. Take time to see how others live and try to help if help is needed or wanted.

Fourth, I should be more kind to every person I meet anywhere and show respect, and appreciation for them and others, always. Goods words of thanks and appreciation mean a great deal too any person. Be kind and caring. Write notes of thanks and appreciating for people and just try to improve their atmosphere, and get a smile.

Fifth, I should be a teacher and teach by example, desire, actions, and love of others. Teach people how good life is and show others love and respect for their work and good deeds. Be kinder, care more and show it.

Sixth, I need to be more courageous in my actions and stand up for those things I truly believe including my belief in God and his Son Jesus Christ. Speak up about the Lord. Not stupidly but with a sincere love and appreciation for our blessing.

Seventh, I will be a better servant to my family, community, friends, and neighborhood. If I see a neighbor, friend or associate who needs help I will give it.

Eighth, I will be more submissive to the will of the Lord and do as he would do in any situation. Do little things or big things for everyone family, friends and Joe Blow.

Ninth I need to be Selfless and give of myself to those with whom I associates, friends and my family. Go the extra mile walk along with love and appreciation, caring what happens and helping if possible.

Tenth Develop more love for all people and show, my love by living these 10 ways to be a better man… Find the real you the one who cares, loves, and show’s it by what he does to everyone. Be that better person.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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