To Have a Loud Say About Israel, Try Living in Sderot or Jerusalem

An article in the recent Jewish Journal by several people including Rabbi Laura Geller is twisted in its message to say the least. [A deafening silence from the Jewish Federation.] In my opinion, they condemn the Jewish Federation’s apparent disassociation as a vocal leader of the Jewish community which is not unified and blame President Trump. While 70% of Jews voted Democrat for Hilary or even for Sanders regardless of his anti-Semitic behavior, the authors seem upset that the Federation is not acting out against Trump, a Republican who is the best for Israel and Jews as a whole.

This democrat majority are the ones affecting the composition of our Jewish community with their high rate of intermarriage. I will also venture to say that most of them have never been to Israel and favor Christmas celebrations for their own families.

So take a breath writers, if you really care about the Jews, vote for what is best for the U.S. with its platform that includes the best for Israel.

I see as a second problem with the article is that it opens the door for serious anti-Israel organizations such as Peace Now and the Jewish Voice for Peace ( in complete plot with the BDSrs) in their attempt to tell the readers that ignoring these groups is wrong and that they also love Israel. The security and protection of Israel should be a prime concern.

I repeat as I have many times before, that if one wants to have a loud say about Israel, then he/she must move or have a lengthy visit there. My suggestion would be to live for a while in Sderot or even in Jerusalem and experience life under rocket attacks from the Gazians or with stabbings and cars running over people by the West Bankers. Then they can return to their comfortable couch here in America and let’s see if they still open their mouths.

It would be a fair assumption that these organizations and writers are Democrats and therefore encourage and at least one of them adores the BDS movement.

By Pablo Nankin

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