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Obama ‘Mainstream’ Media Leads The Charge of The ‘Grand Illusion’ – Bet on It

Letter to the Editor

Don’t say you weren’t expecting it. The “mainstream” media is absolutely salivating at the prospect of being front-line volunteer drones for the coming Obamania epidemic. We’d better be ready with the antoidotes – and yes, they do exist.

Judging by virtually every story you read or hear, Barack Obama is being pre-annointed with the cloak, mantle and aura of sacred invincibility. The party nomination is being granted to him before the fact by the media carte blanche. Of course attacks on his policies will be called personal or racist. It doesn’t take George Orwell to see it coming. Catch-22 for any who dare speak out.

There is a solution. We must proactively go after the facts that many of his major proposals are high in fluff and little in substance. We can even simply re-use some of the quotes from the Clinton camp in these areas. We need to play the experience card early and often. It is one of our big advantages. We must be watchful of attempts to pre-label us.

Anyone who actually believes these aren’t coming needs to sit up and just look around. We must in particular watch for the playing of the infamous race card. It can be clearly pointed out that Bill and Hillary Clinton partook in this. If it is denied, we have more than enough news quotes and commentary in the archives to prove the opposite. Racism is a terrible and backwards thing. It is pre-judging something or someone before the fact.

Contempt without knowledge is prejudice, yet I’ve already seen and heard talk of an ‘old white guy” versus the media’s political Sir Galahad. Be watchful of every time these come out and be prepared to point them out.

We must bring up the issue of experience. We must bring up the issue of accomplishments. We must watch for being labeled “washington insiders”. Aren’t BOTH candidates U.S. Senators? We must generate and publicize our own energetic volunteers and action groups.

We’ve all seen scores of news reports showing packed democrat volunteer offices. How many have we seen of their republican counterparts? The media wants to help pre-create additional Obama “momentum”.

They’re already writing about it and I see many polls published in the papers where he is running strong but few if any where it is close or he trails. They are indeed there, we’re just apparently not supposed to know about them. If one repeats something enough, true or not, people begin to believe it and it naturally effects their thoughts and actions.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. We can and shall win this election. But it’s up to us not to just sit and let a duplictious media try and award our opponent the gold medal before the race has even begun.

Kenneth Hodges

Saratoga, California, 95070

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