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Mammogram is Killing Women, Causes Breast Cancer

As a phlebotomist, I did my research about breast cancer. You can can say that I’m crazy, but I think the mammogram is killing women.

As a lab assistant, I draw 70 to 80 patients a day. I knew since the beginning, when my Mother went for a mammogram 20 years ago, there was something wrong. Since that moment, I told my Mother to stop doing that because it was very painful. At that time, I did not have any idea about breast cancer. Until I started working as a lab assistant in 2003, all those years, I felt that something was wrong with the mammogram.

Then I began asking questions of the patients, since the year that they began the mammogram test, and when they were diagnosed, most of them got a breast cancer disgnosis between the years that they did the mammogram.

As an example, if the patient did her mammogram every year since 1990, and year 2000, for sure that those patient will have a lump. As a phlebotomist, I know the blood vessels are very sensitive, I know that the mammogram test smashes the breast, and sometimes the technician does smash the breast and some other tech does not smash the breast.

My theory could be tested easily by using a control group.

I hope in the future, they will stop doing mammogram tests.


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