Macedonia and Alexander The Great is Hellenic Through The Ages

Letter to the Editor

Comment on A Descendant of Alexander the Great…

Macedonia and Alexander the Great is Hellenic through the ages. Enough of the Skopje lies and propaganda!

I am so tired of reading about this issue with FYROM. I am an American of Greek origin living in the US all of my life.

I recently took a trip to Greece after 22 years with my husband. All I can say is that the country is extremely diverse and nothing is different than here in the states.

What are the Skopjians talking about human rights being violated? It’s like a melting pot there? I’m serious! I was so shocked because I physically went there and after reading all the made up stories on the Internet, I saw it for my own eyes for myself. You wouldn’t believe the anti Greek websites that spread malicious hate and lies about the Greek community on the Internet. It really is uncalled for and it’s making matters worse with the Greek American Community here in the states too! Luckily the Internet has its freedoms and people can claim the moon is made of cheese and Alexander the great was Slavic.

The point I am making is we all know just because you live in an area doesn’t mean you have rights to it? Imagine if groups did that in certain neighborhoods in the states? The idea is ludicrous!

I have no idea what the trouble is with FYROM? People write about the countries recognizing the name Republic Of Macedonia. The reason why other countries recognize it is because they don’t care about what it implies to Greece (as far a territory and the historical value). They really don’t. Greece is the cradle of civilization no wonder FYROM want a piece of the pie. The use of Alexander the Great’s name would boost tourism in an area that lacks any real historical value (sorry for being so blunt but its true).

In my travels to Greece I asked the residents living in Greece about the name row issue and they actually laugh about the subject. They find the whole idea of a Macedonian language and community forming “out of the blue” as quite comical. The country Greece and its people also will not give up on their own identity.

Greece has conquered, been conquered occupied and enslaved for centuries. What makes little FYROM think Greece will back down on this issue? My grandfather was killed by the Nazis in Greece during the occupation and my grandmother was turned into a maid and not killed because she was beautiful. Does this make me hate Germans? No it doesn’t. I even married a German. I won’t get into the other empires that came through Greece and killed much of the population and destroyed their landmarks (Venetians, Romans, Turks etc). My point is …Greece should never back down on this issue and they probably won’t either…

In my opinion, the FYROM issue is totally out of line. Here in the states you have 50 cents the rapper suing Taco Bell for using his image on TV and here you have a whole countries history being stolen and you expect the Greeks to just “let it be”. Lets all be realistic. Think about it? When a new found Republic tries to claim some other country’s history one fine day it seems pretty hilarious!

I as an American here in the US and I love America but my family and I will do everything we can from the states to support the Greeks in Greece on the name issue.

Macedonia is one and Greek!

My personal message to the Skopjians here and abroad:

“Think peace use North or upper Macedonia.”

Georgia S