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If the War Goes On, a Reprise

I’m pleased to note that in recent years there has been a growing concern and discontent among the populace regarding the chaos in Iraq. With immense disillusionment among both troops and civilians, I’m pleased to witness that people are waking up to smell the napalm. Other than this greater awareness, none of the disarray is good news.

I’m also livid that it has taken so long for people to grasp these simple yet obscured revelations, willingly stopping short of pity and sympathy for the sheep who don’t realize they’re being led to the slaughterhouse.

To elaborate takes us back to the beginning of the war when America eagerly devoured massive lies during a dramatically frightening time. In an overwhelming flood of blind patriotism and false hope the proles welcomed the war, among several other plagues such as accepted racism and plastic flag decals which I will happily announce – do NOT and WILL not get you into heaven. Even during the frantic and tragic days just after 9/11, these warped diseases of perception should not have been tolerated, let alone accepted.

To bring us to a point:

Regarding nationalism, patriotism and politics there has always been and will be a submissive and sleepy camp whose thoughts and words are along the lines of:

“Go back to sleep, the leaders are in charge, everything is ok, don’t question it or think for yourself, go back to sleep.”

This is a dramatic and straight forward phrasing of the sleeper’s insecure delusion, as it comes through in many issues and in many forms, but it encapsulates the message which is and always will be the same.

I’ve heard too many sheep in the flock say that things aren’t as bad as they seem and that everything is really alright.

I’m here to say: No, it is not ok, it hasn’t been ok, and it isn’t going to be ok! What are the long term repercussions of this “poorly-planned” war on our great country? (And keep in mind what makes it great is that while I’m writing this there are those out there killing and dieing to protect this.) And what if this war goes on? What does our future look like to you? Such debts, that we’ve been incurring, can only be carelessly and tactlessly dismissed so long before the sharks comes around to collect – and you know they carry a big gun. My biggest concern is in thinking of our children, particularly my son, and just what kind of America he is going to inherit.

If the Irresponsibility Goes On

As the people should accept and rectify their involvement in standing behind the wrong people for the wrong reasons, so should the media for it’s false ideals of remaining objective while feeding the public half-truths.

Objectivity in journalism is a myth. The media should be sticking to the truth, which is ALWAYS objective. This lack of accountability has seeped into peoples minds and it further works as an advocate and a foolish war cry for the corrupted simians in charge – those who would rather the people not think for themselves, who would prefer the people remain ignorant and complacent. Such a lack of responsibility on behalf of the media and the proles has helped the depraved and decadent ruling class get away with their foul political scandal and their treachery for far too long.

There is no objectivity in Nixon’s Watergate, there is no objectivity in Reagan’s failed Reaganomics, there is no Objectivity in Clinton’s debate of the word ‘is’ and there is no objectivity in Bush’s indolence, guile, pitiful leadership and lack of respect for America’s future. There should be no objectivity in this war.

On a good note, I’m glad people are waking up to embrace reality, to question what is going on around them and how it is being reported. I’m glad that there are so many initiatives and programs out there to get people engaged, involved and voting. However- I have always been irate over this dismissive ignorance and I remain irate that more people are not infuriated over this; that the populace could sit back and endorse what was mostly nonsense and insanity since the beginning. I’m disappointed that it took this Iraq calamity and eight years for people to finally ‘lower their approval ratings’.

The good news is that with eyes pried open if ever so slightly, and the sleepy camp gradually coming to, maybe just maybe they will be able to think for themselves. With that said, maybe, and just maybe they will be willing to vote for the best possible candidate.

Yours truly, redeemed in freedom of the word,

Zach M.

(No fortunate son)

If the War Goes On

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