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Haiti: The Untold Story

“There shall be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places: Now all these are the beginnings of sorrows.” (Matthew 24: 7,8)

Haiti, formerly known as the Pearl of the Antilles, was once a prosperous French colony where the Catholic Faith predominated. But in August, 1791, Haiti was dedicated to the devil by island rebels and has since been plagued with hurricanes, floods, and civil unrest, with Haiti today being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

This sharply contrasts its neighbor, the Dominican Republic, which has kept the Faith and has enjoyed an abundance of peace and prosperity over the years.

It is a well documented and historical fact that a group of Voodoo priests (houngans) led by a priestess named Dutty Boukman made a pact with the Devil in Haiti on August 14, 1791. The place was Bois Caiman. All present vowed to exterminate all the white Frenchmen on the island. They offered a black pig in sacrifice in which hundreds of slaves drank the pig blood. In this ritual, Boukman implored the devil to get the French occupation out of Haiti, and in exchange they offered their country to Satan with a vow to serve him.

The event at Bois Caiman marked the beginning of the Haitian revolution which culminated on January 1, 1804, when the nation of Haiti was born and a new demonic tyranny began.

Today over three quarters of Haiti’s population practices Voodoo, a curse that was greatly augmented when President Jean-Bertrand Aristide officially sanctioned Voodoo as a national religion on April 8, 2003. Voodoo priests are now permitted to perform marriages and other ceremonies previously reserved only for Christian religions. “An ancestral religion, Voodoo is an essential part of national identity,” Aristide said in his decree recognizing Voodoo.

What is worse is the way that Aristide went out of his way to promote the practice of Voodoo in his country. On the day the government recognized the cult, he paid all the radio stations in Haiti to play nothing but Voodoo music all day long. He even flew in 400 Voodoo priests from West Africa to help spur the event on.

According to Reverend Doug Anderson who served as a missionary in Haiti until 1990, “Haiti is the only country in the entire world that has dedicated its government to Satan. Demonic spirits have been consulted for political decisions, and have shaped the country’s history.” Haitian leaders make no attempt to hide their allegiance to Satan. According to media commentator Tom Barrett, “Haiti’s government is a government of the devil, by the devil, and for the devil.”

Is it any wonder that Haiti was struck by a killer earthquake on January 12th? Have we forgotten how often the Israelites in the Bible were punished and delivered into slavery when they would depart from the God of their fathers and sacrifice in their groves?

Two hundred years ago the houngans in Haiti called upon the god of Voodoo to direct their country and for the past two hundred years the devil has been driving a whip to their back and holding them in chains of envy. The vulture spirituality produced by the cult was clearly evidenced by the hoards of people looting in the streets while the earth was yet shaking on January 12.

The earthquake in Haiti is a wake-up call for the people to return to their knees and honor the God of Columbus who first brought the Christian Faith to that country. But it is also a lesson as to what will happen anywhere on earth where decadence and degeneracy become a way of life. We saw it in Southeast Asia (tsunami disaster) where children were being forced into the sex industry against their will. We saw it in New Orleans (Katrina) where the killer hurricane hit just two days before 135,000 gays and lesbians were scheduled to parade their vice in the streets.

Shall we play the ostrich and pretend that the killer quake in Haiti was just an accident?

This was a clear and direct message from God to the people of Haiti and the world. The Republic of Haiti was punished for adopting satanic cruelty (Voodoo) as a way of life for its people. But the mercy of God was also extended in taking many of these innocent souls before the devil might have a chance to claim them for himself.

But this mercy too is for the survivors of the quake. God broke Haiti’s legs as it were, but in the same move he broke the shackles of sin that they may come out of bondage and walk at liberty as Christians as they were called to do in the beginning. We might see the Haitian quake as a potential exodus from 200 + years of satanic oppression.

Let us pray that Haiti will heed this sign from on high to put away its witchcraft and embrace more fully the laws of God that they may be the peaceful and prosperous nation they were called to be in the beginning.

David Martin


St. Petersburg Times

Media Research


Conservative Truth

Pat Robertson

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