Why Would A Green Party Engage in Anti-Semitism?

I can’t imagine a reason for the Green Party to engage in antiSemitism. Under what rationale do you decide that a Palestinian state (which does not exist) should engulf Israel?

Israel is a nation which at the very least has converted the desert into green fields, a country that values trees,vegetation, and saves water.

Instead you admire terrorists who destroyed flourishing green-houses left for them by Israel, when they took charge of Gaza.

There is no question that Israel is an easy pick, however it would entail enormous, never-ending cruel, horrific actions to even consider the destruction of Israel.

anti-semitism in The US Capitol Building - green party. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
The US Capitol Building. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

As you know your party is going nowhere, therefore you adopted a new platform. Inexplicably, you have chosen hatred of the Jews. A strange platform for a green party.

Chabad relates about agnostics such as Jill Stein has proclaimed to have become.

“And I believe you will discover that you believe in your heart all that every Jew inherently knows and believes. May G-d be with you as you return your father’s heritage to its rightful place.

Pablo Nankin, MD

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