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Documented UFO Sightings Reports By Police are Consistent

Thank you for an excellent article “Response to SETI Astronomer: We Will Discover Extraterrestrials By 2025”. Sources such as Pilots both passenger and fighter have not only witnessed UFO craft, but their impossible maneuvers were recorded on ground and on-board radar…and squads of police in different counties all witness UFO craft and chased them.

The documented UFO sightings reports by police are so consistent from station to station and county to county…that if it was describing you breaking the law you be in jail and convicted. The same type of UFO activity involving multiple police happened in the UK. How about that for hillbilly.

I don’t have time to document here the military’s involvement and worry over these objects.

Although many people including “hillbillies” may live in the rural less populated areas…it has been well noted that UFO many times seem to favor these lonely areas…according to reports around the world.

Joe Capp

UFO Media Matters

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