Children of Nepal Need Compassion and Love

In a matter of seconds, never imagined sorrow was brought to Nepal and its people. Another monster earthquake measuring 7.4 and hundreds of monster aftershocks added tremendous pain, suffering and loss to Nepal. Thousands of lives were lost. Several thousand were seriously injured.

The loss of uncountable monuments of historical importance, places of our pride and besides everything, the capital city Kathmandu’s displacement to the south for about a few feet will eventually affect the livelihood of Nepal immensely.

This in fact, is an additional mess to what we already had, due to the wrangling of highly paid politicians. These folks and the government made up of unskilled, no-heart-no-soul but tricky professionals are looking for any opportunity to advance their own interests. This, however, does not surprise anyone because these folks are programmed to suck blood ever since they succeeded in fooling the people in the name of democracy that fits only the bloodsuckers. People have no choice except to tolerate the tortures of the political suckers who are desperately trying to make the case to loot even in this time of extremely high emergency.

Pushing for the national government or turning the present government into the national type is what the political suckers’ from both the isles want. Whoever succeeds to cling to the authority to loot, people of Nepal is very certain to embrace defeat. But here, people have a choice. People not getting delivered won’t stay calm. They are frustrated and this frustration might result into their searching for the savior to manage such a huge national crisis Nepal has ever experienced.

Nepal is fortunate that it has a great neighbor like the People’s Republic of China. China exhibited great heart to support Nepal on our terms and as much as we want. China is the greatest country willing to support its small neighbor at any possible level in this very difficult time. Nepal’s other neighbor India is also doing its best to stand by Nepal. We owe magnanimous gratitude to both our neighbors.

It is an irony that the haves represented in the Western hemisphere are lagging behind despite their capabilities to bail out Nepal right away from this disaster.

For now, US $5 billions will do the optimum for Nepal and the 10 million people who are directly affected by the monster Earthquakes and their hundreds of awesome jolts. Sadly, Western countries do not hesitate to drop bombs after bombs and, missiles after missiles worth of billions of dollars when they have to put their interests on top. They don’t hesitate to form ‘Allied Forces’ to have their say enforced.

At a time when Nepal and its people need medicines, foods, clothes, tents, etc, we must say, we are unpacking millions of Bibles from the boxes expecting something else. There’s a rumor in diplomatic circles that the efforts have been put to espionage against Nepal’s neighbor China to gather security related information. We also believe, our natural resources including uranium, the important substance for building nuclear reactors is tried to locate.

Nepal needs help without strings attached on it. We ask for a sensitive attitude from the Westerners. We need their gestures to collect at least 5 billion dollars at the present to begin and most probably, to end the relief work. This is not at all the big money for so many countries belonging to the Western hemisphere. Why do not these countries form a “Nepal Help Group” to immediately begin the rebuilding process? Assessing the benefits in terms of national interests would only delay the active participation in the relief and rebuilding processes thereby inviting a more difficult situation. Nepal is expected to have early monsoon this year which might add to more complexities in bringing the nation on track. Could the reason Westerners are looking so reserved in showing gestures just because their national interests won’t be serve for helping Nepal. If so, then we must say thanks for what you have done for us until now.

We cannot reject anyone’s contributions since our thousands of kids have fallen victims. They were orphaned, they were forced to lie down in the street without a roof to cover them, and they were put to heed their beginnings without a light of education because their schools are completely destroyed to dust. Our kids are traumatized. In this situation at hand, how can we deny the help either with generosity or otherwise? We can only ask to help us with deeper heart just like my American son, turned 5 years old on May 15th, who said, “He feels happy to be a part of the group to donate his favorite and many never tried clothes.” I strongly believe that whoever was born in this great country naturally brings compassion and love for others.

It is the time to show compassion and love to those who need them very much. Honestly, who else needs them more than the children of Nepal, now? Extending generosity to them makes us so relieved. It gives a tremendous sense of satisfaction releasing all the negativity until now holding us from becoming real human beings with a heart to feel love.


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