Bernie Sanders, The Anti-semitic Socialist

Dear editor,

It is shocking that anyone who lives in a democratic society would vote for Bernie Sanders. His theories of the world are from the time of Nikita Khrushchev. However, there seem to be plenty of people who seek a free pass to achieve their goals.

Apart from his socialistic ideas, what is also quite apparent to me are his Anti-Semitic views. It is for this reason that he has never talked about his “Jewish origins.”

He didn’t attend the AIPAC meeting, instead he was on TV “campaigning.” It should be noted that among the supporters standing next to him were two persons wearing T shirs with bold imprints “Students for Justice in Palestine.” He was advertising a most virulent anti-Semitic group which destroys all human dignity. In my opinion, this makes Sanders a part of the anti-Semitic underground. If you add on what he just said about (he is an ignorant Senator) the 10,000 killings of civilians in Gaza by Israel, you will then have a full picture of his thrown-by-the-wayside Jewish background.

The next problem is Mrs. Clinton whose “love for Israel” was made clear during her 4 years as Secretary of State. I am sure there is nothing more that need be said except that Jews perhaps, hopefully in the next election will vote for democracy not for the Democrats and their questionable beliefs.

Adding in California representative Bloom who just pulled out his signature from a bipartisan bill to combat BDS = Anti-Semitism and Xavier Baca and Mrs. Lee who are part of the Jewish PAC. No, their Jewish affiliation is with the J Street pack, but Jews vote for them anyway.

After seven or so years of the Democrats’ bashing of Israel, it is time to get together and vote for a real pro-Jewish and pro-Israel candidate. After all, which is the only truly democratic country in the middle east and upon which the U.S. can depend?

Pablo Nankin, MD

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