They Spied On Trump, 60 Minutes Didn’t Investigate

The Hillary Clinton campaign paid for people to spy on Donald Trump, first during his campaign and then in the White House, according to an investigation by John Durham. They spied on Trump and got away with it. Trump was interviewed by the famous investigative journalism team at 60 Minutes. Not only did 60 Minutes not believe a word that Trump said, they didn’t even bother to investigate, it seems.

The great thing about visual journalism is that it can be recalled and replayed later. See the short video below the cartoon, to see what that looked like at the time.

They spied on Trump. Cartoon by NewsBlaze
They spied on Trump. Cartoon by NewsBlaze

They Didn’t Spy On Trump?

“There’s no real evidence of that (spying),” Stahl said, and they didn’t investigate it themselves. Watch the short clip.

If they did really investigate the claims, that doesn’t way much for their investigative skills. They’ve had plenty of time. Everyone has known about what John Durham has been doing. They just didn’t want to know.

Now it has come back to bite them, just as CNN‘s dirty tricks have come back to bite them and destroy their business.

In March 2021, we wrote “John Durham’s report was delayed until after the election. Hunter Biden’s laptop was seized well before the 2020 election, but the FBI sat on it and its damning evidence. It seems the FBI is still sitting on it today, and Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden and all those involved in crimes against the Constitution will not be held to account.”

Yes, They Spied On Trump

John Durham is filing indictments about the spying they did on Trump, first at his properties and then in the White House.

dire situation - capitol fence
Dire situation – capitol fence. Image by NewsBlaze.
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