Joe Biden and the Military Industrial Complex

Military Industrial Complex Wants Change

The Military Industrial Complex must love Joe Biden, because Biden and Obama started and left several wars unfinished for them. They hate Trump because he only built up the military for protection and only ordered the use of a few consumables.

For the same reason, the neocons love Biden too. They only like warmongers, not a peaceful America or Americans.

Joe Biden and the Military Industrial Complex. NewsBlaze cartoon.
Joe Biden and the Military Industrial Complex. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

John Kerry has been telling anyone who would listen ( Laurence O’Donnell, and the DNC for example) that he loves the troops. He loves them so much that he wants to send them back to war against anyone who doesn’t fit his model of subservience. He also wants to fill other countries with US troops, possibly so the war machine can make more weapons and bombs.

Neocon Bill Kristol, a Democrat who changed to a republican to boost the war effort has been a rabid never-Trumper because Trump uses diplomacy rather than violence. Now he is a Democrat, and apparently Democrat voters love him because he’s attacking their nemesis. That will only last until Democrats stop creating more hegemony around the world.

Voters Tricked?

Democrat voters and Republicans who hate Trump think Biden is their man, but uncle Joe is obviously a sock puppet to be controlled by the machinery of hidden government. It could be these voters have been tricked into supporting the military industrial complex against its enemy Donald Trump. Either that or they too long for the return of endless wars and their politicians peddling influence for their own benefit.

Cleverly, the Democrat politicians have pushed their voters to vote early, so most of the evidence coming out now of bad actions by their side will matter. It is too late – they have cast their vote, and now they have chosen to side with the war and influence machine.

Joe Biden and his family have extensive hidden relationships with companies controlled by foreign countries. He has lied about this, but most of the media have not yet covered this, only the New York Post.

Democrat Voters are being shielded from the truth by the mainstream media, twitter and facebook, and they are not looking to learn anything about the truth.

They don’t even care.

Bernie Bros

Bernie Bros will not be happy, and neither will AOC fans. They think they’re getting peace, tranquility and a Green New Deal with Biden. But all they will get is more war and empty words.

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