Fake News from Pelosi v Reality from Reporter Andy Ngo

In one more attempt to pit Fake News over actual Reality, Nancy Pelosi tweeted that federal government “stormtroopers” were attacking peaceful “protestors” for writing graffiti in Portland, Oregon. Andy Ngo, a straight-shooting reporter on the ground set Nancy’s fake news in its proper light.

Nancy’s so-called peaceful “protestors” were rioters armed with hammers, knives, sledgehammers, slingshots with metal ball bearings, blinding lasers, pipe bombs and more. Ngo told Nancy. “You have no clue what is going on here.”

Little wonder, then, that Americans have such a low opinion of Congress and politicians in general.

Nancy Pelosi v. Andy Ngo, cartoon by NewsBlaze.
Fake News v. Reality i.e. Nancy Pelosi v. Andy Ngo, cartoon by NewsBlaze.

The problem seems to be that Nancy and her fellow congressional democrats have had their already “progressive” positions hijacked by the socialist hard left.

Not only does Nancy Pelosi have no clue about what is really going on, but she is now just a mouthpiece for the people feeding her the lines to say. It is as though she is living in a movie set, being given her lines to say as convincingly as possible.

Nancy’s screenwriters aren’t very good, and her lines only convince those who are not paying attention to what’s going on.

Thankfully, there are still real reporters on the ground like Andy Ngo, willing to stand up for truth, even at the expense of their own safety. The big media companies have most of their reporters under their thumb, twisting the news into an unrecognizable mess of propaganda.

It is a very sad state of affairs that the swamp creatures are keen to perpetuate because they are frightened of losing the source of their power. They don’t care if it means telling egregious lies to old-time democrats who don’t realize they are being used to prop up the swamp and destroy their own country.

Alan Gray

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