China No Threat To Taiwan In The Next 24 Months: Milley

General Mark Milley, the woke General with the stellar record of military predictions says China is no threat to Taiwan anytime soon.

That sounds a lot like his confident assessment that the Taliban would not retake Afghanistan in the same timeframe. Instead, they did it in a matter of days.

The Taliban apparently learned from what the US did in Iraq.

Is there any chance China will do the same, with weak hands running the show in the US?

China Will Not Retake Taiwan

biden milley say china no threat to taiwan. NewsBlaze Cartoon.
Biden still trusts Milley, who says China will not attack Taiwan to retake control, Just like Afghanistan. NewsBlaze Cartoon.

“No way,” says Milley.

The problem is almost nobody believes a word he says.

“Six, Twelve, 24 months, that kind of window,” Milley told Lester Holt, on-stage at the Aspen Security Forum.

No Laughing Matter

There were no sounds of muffled laughing from the audience in the clip, but it is possible all the microphones were muted.

It seems the president with the not-so-stellar approval rating still trusts Milley, so the Taiwanese people and their politicians are probably feeling quite nervous about now.

“Based on my analysis of China, I don’t think that it is likely in the next, near future being defined as the next six, 12, maybe 24 months … Having said that, though, the Chinese are clearly and unambiguously building a capability to provide those options to their national leadership if they so choose at some point in the future,” Milley said at the Aspen Security Forum.

As Milley sees nothing going on in the medium to long-term, is it possible he didn’t even consider what might happen next week?

If China is no threat to Taiwan, what’s all that sabre-rattling that’s going on? Which planet are Milley and his assessment team looking at? If there’s no response to what China is doing, it’s a sure bet they will ramp it up until they think they can get away with anything.

Maybe that’s how woke militaries work now?

Only time will tell.

Alan Gray

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