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10 Totally Cool Undercut Women Hair Tattoo Ideas You Will Want to Try

Undercut styles for women have become quite popular. Undercut women hair tattoo designs are also very much in demand. And this edgy trend seems like its here to stay for the long haul.

Undercut women styles are cool because they can be done with almost every hairstyle. You can get an undercut on the side, back, or all the way around if you want. And you can sport your cool undercut look with any hair length. Pixie cuts, bobs and asymmetrical cuts were made for undercut designs.

But you can also get an undercut under longer hair. This way you can cover it up at work and then pull your hair up in a cute updo to show off your undercut.

Hair tattoos are a great way to express your style. There are so many fun designs to choose from. A hair tattoo is a design that is “carved” (or razored) into the buzzed part of an undercut. They can also be dyed to make them stand out even more.

Hair tattoos are great because unlike a skin tattoo, they are not permanent. You can change them up as your hair grows out or maintain the same design if you really like it.

We have put together a list of some of the coolest undercut hair tattoos for girls and women. Have fun playing around with hairstyles and colors to showcase your totally awesome hair tattoo! Undercuts are a fun way to show off your inner rock star so don’t be shy.

10 Edgy Undercut Women Hair Tattoo Designs

Check out some of the hottest looks for undercut women hair designs and find one that is calling out to you!

Faux Hawk Tribal Pixie Cut Hair Tattoo

This pixie cut is perfect for those who want a retro edgy style with a modern flair. The spiky faux hawk hearkens back to the1980s while the undercut tribal tattoo gives it a contemporary look. Ask for an undercut that goes all the way around your head with a sleek tribal design. Leave it long on the top and style it into a spiky faux hawk. Color the ends platinum blonde to add depth and texture. If you have what it takes to pull look off, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Geometric Sun

This look is super cute for both long and short hair. Ask for a geometric sun undercut design with multiple patterns for a unique and fun look. To make it stand out even more, keep your roots dark and ask chunky honey blonde highlights for a pretty balayage effect that will look enchanting when braided into 2 space buns atop your head. Braids are great for adding texture to your hair and they are all the rage this year.

Leaves Undercut

If you are looking for a fun Fall undercut women hair design, this pretty geometric leaf design is perfect. Again leave your roots dark but add in thin ash blonde highlights and then fade to a smokey ash blonde ombre. This style will look adorable when pulled into a messy bun atop your head and it’s a fun way to show off your awesome hair tattoo with falling leaves.

Second Hue Triangular Undercut

Tribal and geometric hair designs are totally where it’s at right now! Add in a multi-tonal color blend and you have one of the hippest and coolest undercut hairstyles! Ask for a cool triangle pattern in a back undercut and then add some light auburn highlights to your dark base. Style it up a curly loose ponytail to showcase your super cute undercut!

Hidden Undercut Pixie

Pixie cuts are one of the most fun ways to sport a cool undercut with a hair tattoo. This long pixie is a bit more subtle as the undercut is somewhat hidden. Ask for a cool zig zag design and cut your pixie in a point at the nape of your neck.

Braided Updo With Undercut

This geometric undercut is out of this world! The modern hair tattoo is ultra hip! Style your hair in a braided updo for an elegant look. Add some dark cherry highlights to your dark roots to add a bit of color contrast. You can wear your hair down to cover the hair tattoo is needed, but it’s so cool, why would you want to hide it?

Lines Undercut With Bun

This chevron hair design is so sleek and hip. And looks even more chic with your hair pulled up in a tight bun. Add some chestnut brown highlights to your chocolate brown roots for a stunning balayage effect that adds even more depth to this totally awesome undercut!

Bold Triangular Undercut Hair Tattoo

Want to think outside the box and dye your hair a totally fun color? This purple ombre style starts out with a dark purple and fades to a brighter shade and finally ends in a smokey lilac. The triangular hair tattoo undercut is bold and edgy if you want a look that makes you look like a punk rock princess.

Stars under Asymmetrical Pixie

Stars are another popular theme for undercut designs. Ask for a half star on a side undercut. Thus undercut women hair design is super cute on an asymmetrical pixie cut. And It’s even prettier if you dye your hair silver with soft lilac undertones for a smokey gray affect.

Freestyle Undercut

This look is not for the faint of heart. So if you are feeling daring, this undercut pixie is calling your name! Ask for ocean waves on the side and back and go super short on the top. Leave your bangs long for an asymmetrical flair and part your hair deeply to one side so it falls over your eyes. This cut is for those who aren’t afraid to embrace their inner punk rock superstar!

We hope our suggestions for undercut women hair tattoos has given you the boost your need to go out there and go for a bold new look. Undercuts and hair tattoos seem to be here to stay so why not go with the flow and embrace a super hip new look?

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