‘The Doe: Voices that cannot be hushed into conformity’

We live in a diverse, chaotic, confusing, yet beautiful world. It takes understanding, compassion, dialog, and debate to get through most days. When we are a part of the discourse – which we have every right to be – we can rise together for the betterment of society. We have the power to build a better world, but, too often, that power is taken away through conformity, algorithms, and judgment. It’s time to take it back.

The Doe, a powerful and anonymous platform, is challenging big media’s control over our discussions and putting the power back into our hands.

Founded by entrepreneur Milan Kordestani, The Doe is a unique platform that allows contributors to publish honest and unfiltered narratives anonymously, challenging the reader to look at topics in a new light-confronting biases and helping to eliminate judgment. This groundbreaking format opens society up to discussion and discourse otherwise prevented by more powerful media conglomerates, which would prefer to keep society trapped in respective boxes: their own social experiment, so to speak.

the doe logo
The doe logo. Image c/o the doe.

Stories shared on The Doe are personal, and contributors are verified through social media. While authors share work anonymously, their writing will forever be credited to them. After a brief period of exclusivity, they are free to publish elsewhere should they choose to expose themselves, continuing the conversation with other audiences. When big data controls our discussions, progress is impossible. The Doe challenges this by opening honest and raw discussions to everyone by everyone, inspiring us to connect and change through a civil discourse that has sadly been disrupted in the digital age. On The Doe, you are free to read what inspires you, not what big media algorithms tell you to read.

What makes The Doe so remarkable is its mission. By challenging how we understand each other through the human experience, The Doe attempts to bring a civility back to discussions that has been lacking for too long. Unfiltered stories with no fear of reprisal and no ulterior motives show us we are more alike than we are different: refreshing human stories without bias that bring us closer, mending the fabric of society rather than tearing it apart.

That is The Doe.

It’s a place that is open to everyone, including survivors, immigrants, protestors, people of all races, and, most importantly, the courageous. All of us have a story to share and we all deserve a place for our narratives to be heard. The Doe is inspiring people of all backgrounds with a safe and productive place to share stories. At The Doe, count on being challenged to think-not “groupthink.”

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