Instagram Tests New ‘News Feed’ Layout, Causing Outrage Among Users

The popular social media platform owned by Facebook is expected to get a major design overhaul, suggesting that users are going to be seeing things differently as soon as they open the app on their mobile phones. According to Forbes, Instagram users have reported an unwelcome change is presented to their ‘app browsing’ sessions.

The images being displayed are presented in a photo grid form, meaning that clicking on a user in your Instagram list will bring up scrollable image grids that allow you to browse through that user’s posts. Most individuals that have a boatload of Instagram followers are most likely going to be livid if the change ends up becoming permanent. That is because they invested a significant amount of time and effort in perfecting their feeds and boundless list of images.

How does this change the way the average user will view other people’s feed?

One Twitter user who goes by the handle @ItsMisterJadhav expressed disdain for the latest change because he states that several years of perfecting the Instagram feed will be undone due to this effect, assuming it rolls out officially in the near future. When a design overhaul such as this is introduced on something that is as popular as Instagram, you can rest assured that the difference will be met with a barrage of negative opinion.

A crystal clear example is when Facebook decided to change the way you view other people’s profiles by introducing a Timeline section. However, after a few weeks of outrage, the resistance eventually dies down, though it appears something like this might not dissipate for a long period. It is understandable why Instagram would attempt to bring about this look.

Several years back, smartphones featured smaller screen sizes that would deliver a smaller real estate to users. Phones are now becoming larger, have narrower bezels, offer higher resolutions and give more real estate to the user, as seen with the trends in 2017. It is possible that with the introduction of Apple’s iPhone X, Instagram feels that with the phone expected to sell in millions when it is finally launched in the month of November, people will be viewing content on such devices quite differently.

Still, it does not look like the change appears to be permanent and it is more than possible that viewers are seeing this because Instagram is testing the waters of how the feed would look in mobile devices that are becoming popular in 2017.

However, if the change is permanent, then potentially millions of users will have to make adjustments of their own, many of whom are bound to a livelihood on the social media platform. To make it easier for users to convert, Instagram might even offer a choice to stick with the previous design or embrace the new one, but since no other company likes to present an option, it looks like the upcoming change might become a prolonged headache for most people.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.