Instagram Planning For Long-Form Video

Soon, Instagram will allow its users to share longer videos. The news is that the photo-sharing app will let users to share videos of longer duration with the newer limit of 60 seconds. There has been no official comment by Instagram on the long-form video news yet.

This is overwhelming news for social media stars who wish to treat Instagram as their major platform. Generally, YouTube is considered the major platform by many social media stars though they have more fans on Instagram. As per FameMass, with the introduction of long videos on Instagram, social media stars can treat Instagram as their primary online home. This coud shift the focus of many online marketers. This shows that now Facebook will get advertising revenue at the expense of YouTube which is owned by Google.

Digital video advertising is a blooming area for advertisers. According to eMarketer, revenue is expected to reach $19.81 billion by 2020.

Social media platforms like Facebook share the revenue with media companies, as well as with the famous users who share the videos. The brands can vouch for more profit with the help of the photo-sharing app, Instagram given the fact that the app is very popular among youngsters. The popularity of the app is evident with figures shared by the Pew survey which states that about 71% of young people (between 18 to 24 years of age) actively use Instagram. Brands can use Instagram to attract people who do not watch TV and commercials.

According to Mavrck CEO Lyle Stevens, marketers consider Instagram the best platform for marketing their brand. For more than 90% of marketers, Instagram is their go-to place to collaborate with creative likes.

According to an Influencer management platform, Instagram contacted influencers to talk about the creation of video series for the platform. As told to CNBC, the videos will be in vertical format to make them mobile-friendly and appealing for the mobile-using audience.

The Wall Street Journal was first to release the news. TechCrunch reported on Thursday that Instagram contacted social media influencers, as well as publishers to create shows for dedicated-to-video content section. The videos will resemble Snapchat Discover.

Ad revenue is expected to reach new heights with the feeder content to keep intact the popularity of Facebook with young people. Sharing longer Instagram videos on Facebook will become a feeder for the original video initiative of Facebook.

This news is not going well with people who consider videos their bread and butter. The alterations in YouTube policies on ad revenue sharing are bothering them.

According to Ben Ricciardi, CEO, Times10, Instagram has millions and millions of fans but influencers are bound to maintain their YouTube presence given Instagram bars them from sharing longer videos.

Shruti Gupta

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