Easy to Follow Steps to Stream on Twitch

Online video streaming has emerged as a rapidly growing world of professional gamers which offers significant benefits. With the increase in demand for video streamers, new streaming platforms have also emerged and Twitch is one of them. Being an online video streaming platform, Twitch has revolutionized the world of online streaming by appealing to a great number of gaming professionals and eSports experts. Beginners learning about how to start streaming on Twitch can make use of the How to Stream on Twitch Tutorial.

Here are the steps to take:

Setting up and managing a brand:

Twitch streaming requires gamers to set up a brand which comprises a name and an image. This helps viewers distinguish a channel from others. It is important to select a brand name that prevail for coming years without getting old and losing its unique touch.

Managing a brand on Twitch is very easy. Instead of using costly managing software, users can simply create a free Twitch brand Gmail account. The managing of Twitch brand can easily be done through emails which are quite a lot once streamer gains popularity.

Pick a streaming device:

Streaming device is the device through which a streamer can channel his recordings to the audience. A PC is the most preferred streaming device for Twitch. Some gamers also use dual PCs in order to divide the load of gaming and streaming. Laptops and smartphones can also be configured to work as good streaming devices.

Install and configure Streaming software:

Streamers are required to install good streaming software without which streaming cannot be possible. Most common streaming software installed by Twitch streamers includes OBS Studio, Bebo, and XSplit. For smartphones, streamer-like software such as StremLabs can be used. After installation, the configuration of streaming software for connection of devices is needed. Most people just follow guides found on the internet, including on YouTube.

Configuring audio-visual devices

The connection of audio and visual devices is the next step in Twitch streaming. Users can review a large number of microphones and cameras for recording their comments and expressions in an efficient and clear manner. With a little research, streamers can find their best pick for microphones and streaming cameras.

The Blue brand “Yeti” is a popular microphone model for anyone serious about quality production. The standard Yeti mic is silver, but the black and the blue models, while harder to get, are really cool!

Working out the channel overlays:

The last major step in starting streaming on Twitch is working out of overlays. Users can employ various online tips to design an overlay which best suits the vibe of their channel. It is to be noted that channel overlays are important to attract the attention of a relevant audience on a streamer’s channel. The selection and implementation of overlays should be made after a good deal of consideration.

Start streaming!

Once a streaming channel is set up, users are all set to optimize it according to their categories of interest and start streaming their gaming skills to a large range of gaming lovers.

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