How Instagram Influencers Have Mastered the Art of the Perfect Post

Instagram Influencers Growing

With more than two billion active monthly users, there’s an ever-increasing number of aspiring “influencers” looking to build a following and become Instafamous. With the world’s biggest brands partnering up with these influencers and helping them make millions, it’s no wonder that they’re trying everything they can to make their posts shine the brightest.

While social media fame may remain nothing more than a pipe dream for us normal folk, there’s much to learn from these influencers’ picture-perfect posts and the work that goes into creating them.

For anyone looking to build a following or simply touch up on their photography skills, Here are details on how the top influencers make their photos look as perfect as they do.

perfect instagram influencers post
Perfect instagram influencers post. Image by dumcarreon from Pixabay

They Don’t Use Instagram’s Editing Tools

While Instagram does offer an increasing number of options and tools in its editor, it’s still barebones compared to the dedicated photo editing apps that can be downloaded for smartphones. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of popular instagram influencers hire a professional editor or use desktop-grade software to edit their images to perfection.

But these options are probably out of reach for most people. Fortunately, mobile editing apps such as Pixelmator and Afterlight are dirt cheap and offer a lot of functionality. From simple filters to pixel-perfect color correction, even the dullest photos can shine with just a smartphone and a few minutes of time. For video, Flexclip has a clean, easy to use storyboard and timeline editor, with pro-level tools – crop, split, text, animated elements, transitions, and overlays.

They Spice up Their Feeds

Some influencers and superstars such as Jaden Smith have taken their feed to the next level by splitting up photos into multiple posts, thus creating a unique and rather impressive looking profile page. You can easily do this yourself by splitting photos into pieces and posting them in their corresponding order.

Alternatively, just add a white border around the photos and change the size, as well as positioning each photo within the white space surrounding it. This will create a unique collage for the feed and is sure to impress anyone who checks out your profile.

They Dress to Impress

Sometimes, it’s not even the quality of the photo or its subject, but rather the amazing outfit they’re wearing in the post. Many fashion enthusiasts have become influencers by simply sharing their unique style on Instagram. Perhaps your taste in clothing may also attract a crowd.

Women’s fashion is huge on Instagram and many profiles now exist as curators, collecting photos of other people’s outfits for everyone to admire. Anyone can try it out by putting together their best outfits and maybe spicing them up with something new, such as a few gorgeous clutch bags. The post may just get noticed by the big guys.

Strategic Video Content Planning

In the dynamic realm of Instagram, video content has surged in popularity, with instagram influencers tapping into formats like Reels, live streams, and IGTV to captivate their audience. Successful influencers don’t just randomly post videos; they curate a strategic content calendar that reflects upcoming trends, viewer preferences, and timely topics. For example, a travel influencer might schedule live tours of popular destinations during peak travel seasons or holiday periods, leveraging the heightened interest.

These influencers also harness robust analytics to gauge viewer engagement and preferences, allowing them to tailor their video content effectively. This might involve adjusting video lengths, experimenting with different editing styles using the Flexclip video editing tool, or focusing on topics that have previously garnered significant interaction. Such meticulous planning and data-driven adjustments ensure that their video content remains relevant and engaging, maximizing both reach and viewer retention.

Mastering Audience Engagement with Video

Video content on Instagram offers unique opportunities for deepening audience engagement. Influencers frequently use features like Instagram Live to interact directly with their followers, answering questions in real time and discussing topics of mutual interest. This direct interaction helps solidify follower relationships and boosts engagement metrics critical for influencer visibility and growth.

Collaborations play a crucial role in expanding reach and diversifying video content. Influencers often team up to create co-branded videos that combine their distinct styles and audiences. These collaborations can range from challenges and joint tutorials to Q&A sessions addressing both their follower bases. Such strategies not only introduce influencers to new audiences but also add a fresh dynamic to their content, keeping existing followers engaged and attracting new ones.

By focusing on strategic video content planning and active audience engagement, Instagram influencers use video to enhance their presence and connect with their audience more effectively.


Even if your profile doesn’t gain the recognition it deserves, stand proud knowing that you’ve created a little gem of artwork among the hundreds of millions of cookie-cutter profiles out there. Anyone who enjoys taking pictures or making short videos for their profile can do this, even using a smartphone camera. Perhaps a newfound love of photography and video could turn into a lucrative career one day.