Martha Allemann Passes – Her Spirit Lives On

Martha Allemann, a longtime resident of Rome, New York died on March 22, Tuesday at The Grand, a nursing home in Rome, New York. Mrs. Allemann, was 95, and died of a cardiac arrest.

She was always motivated by helping people, often stating, “be kind, be good,” a slogan she lived by.

“Be kind, be good” – Martha Allemann

Martha Allemann and her husband Jacob Allemann were the owners of Allemann’s Supermarket. At that time of Jacob Allemann’s passing, in 1966, attorneys for the trust sold the property.

james allemann and martha allemann.
James Allemann and Martha Allemann.

Memories live on with Mrs. Allemann, as she was a jovial person who loved to whistle, and entertain her children. “She would always take my brother James and I dancing to places like Trinkaus Manor in Oriskany and restaurants such as Hearts Hill Inn in Whitesboro. Mother always wanted the best for us, and had no problem showing us what life had to offer,” Peter said.

When asked in an interview for peteonthescene/You tube Mrs. Allemann explained her philosophy about keeping positive by associating with positive people and not allowing oneself to be influenced by negative thoughts, something many of her friends adopted throughout the year.

“Although Martha Allemann is no longer with us, her spirit lives on, and her memories will always be fond to us,” James Allemann said.

When a beautiful spirit passes on, their features, their thoughts and their memories live on in those left behind.

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