Garrett Thomas: A Versatile Visionary

Garrett Owen Thomas might be known to all as an entertainment publicist, but there is more to him than meets the eye. He is a publicist, businessman, contributing writer, all rolled into one, and his love for advertising data analysis has made him a favorite among his vast and varied clientele.

Garrett Thomas graduated from the University of Arizona and worked in the public relations sphere for many years before focusing on actually doing something of his own. Initially working in the restaurant sector, Garrett’s foresight was instrumental in saving many a restaurant from foreclosure during the 2008 economic recession.

Houston Move

His next move was to Houston, in the field of technology publicity, online publicity, and promoting software for leading Fortune 500 companies. But he soon got into the entertainment industry as a publicist and a media advertiser.

His first few assignments were with RnB singer Jeremih with Def Jam and CAA. Incidentally, Jeremih and DefJam were nominated for Billboard’s Best RnB song while working with him. This made a way for Garrett to be introduced to a larger clientele in the entertainment industry. Garrett then went on to work with Kevin Hart from Hartbeat Weekend Las Vegas, Keshia Cole, B.o.B from South x Southwest performance, and other clients.

Garrett’s entrepreneurial skills were first to manifest in 2013 when he built an event titled PressHarvest. This was just what the newbies and aspiring performers needed. PressHarvest was a red-carpet event that invited applications allowing people to submit themselves for talent and media at important events like movie premieres and product releases.

With his experience, Garrett soon started to write articles in Backstage magazine with tips and suggestions for aspiring practitioners to build and strengthen their personality. As a media publicist, Garrett has worked with leading media and advertising houses like the CW, FOX, CBS, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, MTV, Univision, and many more.

Garrett Thomas and Tropic Laundry

In 2015, Garrett joined WPP and Kantar Media working on advertising expenditure, reputation management, and data investment. The success of PressHarvest led Garrett to start his next venture – Tropic Laundry – in 2016.

Tropic Laundry is a machine learning project that helps incorporate better techniques to measure material analysis. Soon after, in 2017, he founded Insight Candy as a dashboard for entrepreneurs working with data. Garrett has also launched a number of other projects focusing on reputation reporting, media publicity, and data analysis.

Ranging from small personal clients to massive Fortune 500 companies, Garrett offers versatility and expert consultation to a whole range of clients, making him a true visionary in his field.

Garrett Thomas. photo c/o Garrett Owen Thomas
Garrett Owen Thomas. photo c/o Garrett Owen Thomas
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