World Bank Economist Dr. Anukriti of Haryana – Inspiration Source For Women, Youth

Looking at Anukriti, one cannot even imagine that this young girl is Dr. S. Anukriti, who holds an important position as an Economist at the World Bank, Washington DC (USA). but it’s true. Not long ago after joining the World Bank, Washington DC (USA) as an economist, Anukriti became a member of the ten-member Human Resource Committee of this apex banking institution, which controls the world’s economy. In charge of development.

Before this, Anukriti’s husband Siddharth Ramalingam, who was a Professor of Economics at BC University, Boston (USA) for seven years, worked as a Consultant at the World Bank.

dr. s. anukriti
Dr. S. Anukriti

Dr. Anukriti is extraordinary even though she is ordinary. Due to her special achievements, she has become a source of inspiration for women and youth today. Dr. Anukriti has been very brilliant and prodigious since childhood. She never took a single rupee as pocket money from her parents, nor did she buy or eat anything from a street vendor standing on the road. Didn’t do tuition even for a day, still stood first in every class.

She was born in Narnaul, but lived in Hisar for eighteen years and Delhi for seven years; For sixteen years now she has been living in America. But show off or ostentation has not even touched her or her husband. Be it summer or winter, as soon as they come to India, they adapt to the environment here.

Travelling by airplane for sixteen years she has visited about two dozen countries and travels by train or AC bus locally also, but apart from the cycle, she does not even know how to drive an Activa.

Dear daughter of senior litterateur and educationist Dr. Ramnivas ‘Manav’ and former spokesperson of economics Dr. Kanta Bharti and a rich copy of inborn special talent, her achievements have been at a global level.

Dr S Anukriti collage photos
Dr S Anukriti collage photos


She earned a BA in Economics (Hons) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, an MA (Economics) from Delhi School of Economics, three degrees of MA (Economics), MPhil, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University, Manhattan (USA), one of the best universities in the world received together.

The simulations selected for Ph.D. in six major US universities including Rochester, Brown, Wisconsin Medicine, Columbia, New York, and Maryland were served in seventeen universities and equivalent institutions in seven countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Australia, India, and Qatar. She received the honor of being selected.

Dr. Anukriti has always been a topper in studies. She received education from world-class institutions, but unlike other students, never faced any difficulty in getting admission. After getting her 10+2 education from schools in Hisar, she earned a BA in Economics (Hons) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Thereafter she applied for MA (International Relations) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, MA (Economics) at Delhi School of Economics, and MA (Mathematics) at Indian Statistical Institute and got admission to all three. Not only this, after completing an MA (Economics) from the Delhi School of Economics, she applied for Ph. D. at six leading universities in America – Rochester, Brown, Wisconsin-Medicine, Columbia, New York, and Maryland. She was selected by all six universities.

She chose Columbia University, New York, and obtained three degrees of MA (Economics), an MPhil, and a Ph.D. from there. But the bigger thing is that after doing her Ph.D., she was appointed to seventeen universities or equivalent institutions in six countries including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia, and India, out of which she joined BC University.

Financially, Dr. Anukriti never became a burden on her parents. During her education and research, she received America’s GE Fund Scholarship, Vickery and Harris Awards, and Columbia University Research Fellowship. During the 6-year Ph. D. program at Columbia University, she did not have to take even a single rupee of financial aid from her parents.

Dr. Anukriti Personal View

Anukriti says that she would not call her journey difficult, but today when looking back, it seems that few people, especially girls and women can prioritize their studies and career in many states of India.

“Due to the support and encouragement of my family, I did not face any such difficulty. My parents raised me and my brother in such a way that we never felt that our goals or aspirations were limited to our city, state, or country. Initially moving from a small town in Haryana to St. Stephen’s College in Delhi probably felt more of a difference for me and took some time to adjust.”

“But later the journey ahead was not too difficult for me. So, I would like to say to parents and guardians, take the initial decision of your children’s education very carefully, because they affect your whole life and career. Do not impose your interests on children; Take care of the interest of the children as well, and let them decide their path and destination.”

“The interest of parents is the biggest hindrance in personality development of children. All parents want their children to become doctors or engineers, which is not fair. There are many other areas in which children can achieve special achievements if they are allowed to go with their own will and interest. Yes, parental guidance and encouragement are very essential for children.”

“I don’t think I would have achieved so much without the guidance of my parents. My parents and other relatives never discriminated between me and my brother and never forced me to get married at a young age and pay less attention to my career.”

“As a child, I was always inspired to study and pursue higher education; The burden of household chores was never put on me. Now I have the full support of my husband (Prof. Siddharth Ramalingam); Together, we support each other’s decisions and careers as equals.”

Role Model

Today Dr. S. Anukriti stands as a role model for women and youth. The young generation can learn a lot from her, take inspiration, and shape their future. It is noteworthy that Dr. S. Anukriti is also a good writer. Her articles continue to be published in prestigious magazines and journals in India and abroad.

In 1999, one of her children’s poetry collections ‘Phulwari Ke Phool’ was published. In 2018, her biography was also included in the video film named ‘Daughter of Mahendragarh.’ The whole country is proud of its capable and meritorious daughter, Dr. S. Anukriti.

Priyanka Saurabh

Priyanka Saurabh is a Research Scholar in Political Science, poet, freelance journalist, and columnist in Ubba Bhawan, Aryanagar, Hisar (Haryana).

Year of Birth: 1992,

Present: Daily Editorial Writer, Senior Assistant, PGT Lecturer, Haryana Govt and Teaching.

Email: [email protected]
Contact : 333, Pari Vatika, Kaushalya Bhawan, Barwa (Seoni) Bhiwani, Haryana – 127045
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* Parallel writing in both English and Hindi languages.
Published Books: Deemak Lage Gulab (Poetry Collection), Nirbhaya (Essay Collection), Pariyon Se Samvad (Children’s Poetry Collection), Fearless (English Essay Collection).

Publications: Daily editorial publication in more than two thousand newspapers and magazines in India and abroad.

Honours and awards:
1. IPS Manumukt ‘Manav’ Award, 2020
2. Nari Ratna Award, Delhi 2021
3. Powerful Women Award of Haryana, Dainik Bhaskar Group, 2022
4. Awarded by District Administration Bhiwani in 2022
5. Honorary Doctorates from UK, Philippines and Bangladesh, 2022