Hurricane Michael Strikes Florida


Hurricane Michael has been a catastrophic event that started on the west coast of Florida. Stormy winds from the South West made their way into the state and caused a devastating tragedy for seven people who lost their lives. Many more lost their homes and everything they own. Experts described Hurricane Michael as a category 4 storm, one of the most powerful hurricanes experienced in October.

The storm was recorded making landfall in Mexico Beach FL, and heading inland towards the northeast above the Panhandle. The whole area surrounding Macon, Augusta all the way to the city of Richmond became a target for the catastrophic event, as described by the National Hurricane Center.

The History of Hurricanes in Florida

After Hurricane Irma that hit Marco Island last year in September, Michael is the second Category 4 hurricane to have caused this much damage to the state since 2004 when Hurricane Charley hit Cayo Costa. The locals who have been living there for a long time have experienced a lot of storms and hurricanes in the past.

Not all of the hurricanes that hit Florida were given names. Coincidentally, some of the most devastating hurricanes to ever hit the state still remain unnamed even though they managed to take the lives of over 2000 people.

The most catastrophic event in the history of Florida was hurricane Okeechobee that hit in 1928 and destroyed not only the city and the towns along with the fields and vegetation but also managed to kill over 2500 people. The state has a history of having hurricanes in the months of September and October.

Over the last century, 29 of 35 hurricanes occurred in the months of September and October combined while the other 6 were in the months of July and August.

hurricane michael
Hurricane Michael

Conditions of the Locals

The situation of the people affected by this latest tragedy seems to be very grave considering the surprising way the storm took over. Many people have been reported missing along with several reports of injuries and accidents all across the Georgia cities of Augusta and Macon.

Running at almost 60 mph, Hurricane Michael was recorded going towards Macon at 2 am EDT. The population faces a lot of damage to their health, property, business and of course, time. Having their roofs blown off, people reported a lot of things missing from their houses after the event passed. Phone trackers and other related technological advantages helped find a lot of lost items and people after the winds subsided, making it feasible to move around.

Hospitals were crowded as people came rushing in with injuries. Concrete along with other forms of debris was reported to have been seen flying through towns causing structural damage to everything in its path.


Mexico Beach, on the Gulf Coast, and known as “a slice of Old Florida,” is a mess. Homes there have been completely destroyed and parts of them smashed and spread down streets and across a wide area. Some people left before the storm, but others stayed behind. Some of those people did not survive.

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