6 Simple Ways To Protect Your Car From Theft

Nobody wants to have to deal with the stress of having their vehicle stolen. Follow these six tips to make sure that your vehicle always remains safe and sound.

  1. Keep your valuables out of sight

The first thing that any car thief looks for is items to steal in your vehicle. Not many petty thieves know how to steal a car, but they sure know how to break a window and take what’s inside. If you need to leave valuables in your car, store them in the trunk or the glove compartment.

  1. Park in well-lit areas

Parking your vehicle on a deserted side street may save you a paid parking fee, but a lack of pedestrian and automobile traffic can make it the perfect place to get your vehicle stolen.

  1. Keep your car in good shape

Seems like a strange tip to add to this list, but if your car is in great shape, it’s likely that you’ll also have some sort of anti-theft device installed. If a thief sees that you care about and take care of your car, you’re more likely to have an alarm, and more likely to have a way to find it.

  1. Put an alarm sticker on your car, even if you don’t have one

When it comes to breaking into vehicles, it’s likely that yours won’t be the only car that a thief is looking at. Having a deterrent like an alarm sticker is a simple and virtually free way to make your car a little bit less appealing to someone who is looking to break into it.

  1. If you’re really concerned, invest in a steering wheel lock

This is only necessary if you live in an area where cars are frequently stolen, or you would like extra peace of mind. A steering wheel lock works two ways. Firstly, it makes it much harder to steal your vehicle even if your vehicle is broken into. Secondly, a thief who is looking to steal a vehicle will probably be deterred by the extra effort necessary to get past a steering wheel lock.

  1. Buy an electronic tracking system

An electronic tracking device is a great addition to the safety and anti-theft features of your vehicle, especially if you’re driving a luxury brand car. Most of these tracking devices simply hook on to the underside of your vehicle. If you’re going to have a tracking device on your vehicle, make sure to install it in an extremely discreet place, so that if your car is stolen the thief won’t know to remove it. Remove all indicators from the tracking device that pertain to what it does, so that if your car is stolen the tracking system will remain untouched.

Worrying about your vehicle being stolen is a common worry amongst drivers. If you’re concerned about it happening to you, check with your insurance provider to make sure that you are completely covered in the event of theft or vandalism. If your current policy does not cover theft or vandalism, compare your insurance rate to others on the market to find one that better suits your needs.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.