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Non-Profit Seeks Funding for Christmas Program

Founder and President Donna Kshir and Founder and CEO Lee Roberts, holiday meals, Christmas stockings, and gift opening.

Collage: Founders and President Donna Kshir and Founder and CEO Lee Roberts, holiday meals, Christmas stockings, and gift opening.
Collage: Founders and President Donna Kshir and Founder and CEO Lee Roberts, holiday meals, Christmas stockings, and gift opening.

With Christmas right around the corner Advocates United for Humanity, a small grassroots tax-exempt organization based in North Bend, is asking the community to show their support.

Each year, AU4H Ambassadors seek donations for their Secret Santa Program. The Secret Santa Program provides large Christmas Stockings and age-appropriate gifts for children and gives those children a Christmas they otherwise would not have. AU4H also provides special holiday meals for those sponsored families.

Some of these families are in safe houses having fled domestic violence and abusive situations, others are families experiencing hardship due to the economy and current Covid pandemic. The idea that any child wakes up Christmas morning to an empty tree is heartbreaking.

Collage: Founders and President Donna Kshir and Founder and CEO Lee Roberts, holiday meals, Christmas stockings, and gift opening.

AU4H Seeks Funding

For the last 5 years, AU4H has done its best to provide children with the Christmas they deserve but sadly due to the Covid pandemic, the small grassroots organization’s funding fell through and left them unable to help these families. With over 50 children on a waiting list, the ‘Holiday Smiles’ coordinators Lee Roberts and Sky Coover decided to request donations from the community.

Anyone wanting to make a donation for toys or a holiday meal can contact Lee Roberts at au4h@yahoo.com, or mail their donation directly to AU4H, 164 General Delivery, North Bend, PA 17760.

Advocates United for Humanity was founded on June 8, 2016, by bestselling authors and sister advocates Donna M. Kshir and Lee Roberts. These leading ladies have volunteered their time and talents with various non-profit organizations over their lifetime including animal rights, volunteered at their children’s schools, in youth groups, and give themselves as much as they can, as their health allows.

Both women are highly respected activists using their voice for Conner’s Law – Kentucky, receiving a Letter of Recommendation from Conner’s mother Mashanna Bachuss, uniting with Erin’s Law, Animal Rescue and Rights, Children’s Rights, Missing and Unidentified Persons, the Homeless, Domestic Violence, Writing and Publishing Books, Educational Radio Broadcasts (radio personalities and the creators of AU4H Radio), and the Deaf Community. Currently, these leading ladies are collecting signatures to make the current Central Registry open to the public to reduce the number of children affected by child abuse.

For more information on the Holiday Smiles Secret Santa Program, to become an ambassador or sponsor, visit AU4H’s official website www.au4h.weebly.com.

Donna M. Kshir is an activist, educator, author, publisher and columnist featured in over 50 books. She is a writer who seeks truth and justice for children exposed to abuse. She speaks out and writes against these injustices done onto children. Donna’s work has landed her on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon’s bestsellers list multiple times. Her August 2022 release, You Are Enough, with Lee Cougardawn Roberts was the 16x she hit Amazon’s best sellers list in multiple categories.

Donna writes under several pen names and advocates for those in need. She has spent much of her life dedicated to giving back to her community. Donna has volunteered her time and talents with various non-profit organizations over her lifetime, animal rights, volunteered at her children’s schools, in youth groups and gives of herself as she is able with God guiding her journey. She enjoys a quiet laid back lifestyle with her family!!

For more information, visit Donna’s official website at: www.donnakshir.weebly.com

For more on Donna, visit some of her official websites!!

Official website: www.donnakshir.weebly.com

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