Economic and Political Stability Critical to a ‘Free’ Kosovo

Without Justice, Economy, Development and Welfare, There’s No Democratic Kosovo!

What is happening recently in Kosovo is very unclear. Seven years after Kosovo’s independence, it is still facing a high rate of organized crime, corruption, unemployment and poverty (around 50%). Systematic emigration exodus of hundred and thousands Albanians who left Kosovo also burdened the country.

According to the AFP( 02/15/2015) “Nearly 450 Kosovo Albanians were arrested within a three-day period this month while trying to cross illegally into Hungary. Serbian officials say they’ve recently received more than 60,000 requests for Serbian passports. Kosovo citizens still need a visa to travel in the EU, while Serbian citizens can travel freely in most of the EU’ 28 member states. The influx of economic migrants has raised tensions in Hungary, with populist Prime Minister Victor Orban vowing tougher measures to shut them out.”

The main reasons why over 30,000 thousand Albanians left Kosovo are unemployment and poverty (hard social and economic life situation). Although they are conscious and well-informed that EU countries have closed the doors for asylum.

kosovars emigrating
Kosovars move to other countries in Europe to escape poverty and hunger.

We should take into account the fact that neither Kosovo government, nor Serbia, Hungary or European Union accept responsibility for Kosovo emigrants. This entitled them to guarantee all conventions, resolutions, protocols and European and international agreements on the elementary freedoms and human rights. Hereto, even though they were treated as migrants, nobody has the right to be illegally or morally forced to live in poverty, discrimination, without food, shelter health care, job and social misery.

Albanian migrants from Kosovo cannot be blamed for choosing to cross the borders of the Serbia and Hungary to escape from misery and hunger.

This very hot humanitarian problem should be resolved promptly together by Kosovo government and European Union.

Kosovo emigrants should not be left to the “mercy” of some Albanians, Serbian and Hungarian smuggler mafia who extort money from them particularly in Serbia and Hungary as a transit point in order to be transferred to other countries of the European Union.

Kosovo’s leadership should react promptly to resolve the immigration exodus, taking into account that there can’t be any democratization of Kosovo society without ensuring the rule of law and equal right to work for all citizens without discrimination.

Likewise, Kosovo’s government should be aware that democratization of Kosovo, will not necessary bring its economic stability.

Mehdi Hyseni Ph.D.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.