Republicans for Environmental Protection Backs Warner Climate Bill

Bipartisan legislation introduced today by Senator John Warner (R-VA) and others to lower greenhouse gas emissions through market mechanisms is an important step towards reducing climate change risks to national security, the economy, and the environment, Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP), a national grassroots organization, said today.

“We applaud Senators Warner and Lieberman for their leadership in crafting America’s Climate Security Act and pledge our support to helping this legislation become law,” said REP Government Affairs Director David Jenkins. “This is the climate legislation that we all must rally behind. Anyone who tries to stand in the way of this breakthrough effort to finally address climate change, regardless of the reason, would be doing a great disservice to our nation and the world.”

“We are also pleased to see Senators Coleman, Collins and Dole as original Republican co-sponsors. True conservatives understand our stewardship obligation to future generations and seek to prudently address risks to our society,” Jenkins said.

“Senator McCain also deserves a lot of credit for advancing the national debate on this issue through the Climate Stewardship Act. The groundwork that he laid by educating his colleagues about climate change and building support for legislation made this bipartisan effort possible,” Jenkins added.

“Enacting America’s Climate Security Act will enable American companies and entrepreneurs to win the race to market cleaner, more secure energy technologies that will reduce America’s dangerous dependence on oil, grow the economy, and protect our natural heritage,” REP Policy Director Jim DiPeso said.

“By introducing a balanced, thoughtful piece of legislation, Senator Warner and his colleagues have recognized the need for acting aggressively but judiciously against climate change in ways that are economically rational and do right by future generations. That is the essence of conservative leadership, and we urge Congress to rally behind this breakthrough legislation,” DiPeso said.

Republicans for Environmental Protection

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