Recent Real World Events Suggesting Changes in the Environment due to Climate Change

Some Climate Change Events

Full records for 2023 are obviously not complete but so far every month is the warmest on record in the Northern Hemisphere and even if we had a few cooler years or a cooler decade that wouldn’t disprove climate change.

I was collecting data for an article, this is just a small sample of reports.

Antarctica had 50 degree warmer temperatures one month this year. (My apologies, that report which I made elsewhere was in error. It wasn’t 50 degrees F higher, it was 70 degrees F higher it was about 50 degrees C higher.)

Iceberg A23a, 1500 sq miles calved and is now headed north and that took decades of warming. A23a is the world’s largest iceberg and was the Russian research base location.’s%20warmest%20year%20on%20record,observed%20during%20the%2020th%20century.

Australia is 1.47°C warmer than 100 years ago (country wide records were begun in 1910.) Most of the increase is recent – 0.7°C in 2010.

India reported more extreme events than ever before, that means worse than their usual bad weather which by definition isn’t “extreme” (yes they have built in places they shouldn’t have but only in places which for hundreds or thousands of years were land they could build and live on – the same in many countries even the US – That can account for deaths and insurance claims but not for the actual conditions.)

“Ice sheets across the Himalayas have shrunk 10 times faster in the past four decades”

Climate Change and Islands

Pacific Island countries are seeing rising sea levels and more extreme storms. Yes, some are growing. The islands of Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia are among those which have grown, because of coral debris and sediment but climate change is an average. Hawaii is growing because it is volcanic.


Five tiny uninhabited Pacific islands have disappeared due to rising seas and erosion, a discovery thought to be the first scientific confirmation of the impact of climate change on coastlines in the Pacific, according to Australian researchers.

Some islands inhabited for centuries have suffered loss. One was Nuatambu island, home to 25 families, which has lost 11 houses and half its inhabitable area since 2011, the research said.

(BTW, NYC – consisting of several islands – are seeing some subway tunnels flooded and people have drowned in basement apartments which had been safe since they were built 50-100 years ago.)Over half of coral reef cover across the world has been lost

Sep 26, 2021 · 84 Coral reefs have declined by over half since the 1950s

Canada, the U.S. and Mexico have all had multiple extreme weather conditions that means never before seen. Most are well known but just one more? NASA satellites show glacier sizes and based on 50 years of progressive melting by 2030 Glacier County and Glacier National Park in Montana should look for new names because there will be no glacier there.

Many South American countries are experiencing extreme droughts. South America has been experiencing a prolonged drought since 2019. In 2022, the last four months of the year saw only 44% of the average precipitation. › newshour › science

Latest ice core analysis shows sharp warming spike in Greenland Jan 18, 2023 · Science Jan 18, 2023 5:59 PM EST A sharp spike in Greenland temperatures since 1995 showed the giant northern island 2.7 degrees (1.5 degrees Celsius) hotter › news › uk-64253800

Heavy rain causes floods and travel chaos across UK – BBC

As of Thursday afternoon there were more than 60 flood warnings in England, 19 in Wales and two in Scotland, alongside almost 200 flood alerts. The National Grid said about 600 homes, .. In northern England, the Midlands and on both sides of the English/Welsh border many river flows exceeded their highest on record, and some defences were overwhelmed. The events during this period were especially notable for their widespread, prolonged and in places, repeated nature. › occasional-reports Major Hydrological Events | National River Flow Archive

2023 Climate Events

Many parts of the world experienced severe flooding this year but none so catastrophic as Pakistan, which saw more than 1,500 people killed and 33 million displaced following a record-breaking monsoon in June.,burned%20in%20an%20uncontrollable%20blaze

Dec 29, 2022 · Wildfires and drought in Europe. Portugal, France, Italy and Romania were severely impacted by wildfires in August. › world › 2023Twelve European countries broke temperature records in 2022

Jan 10, 2023 · Twelve European countries broke monthly temperature records in 2022 as the continent recorded its hottest ever summer,
Hamburg in Germany recorded more than 40 degrees Celsius for the first time ever in July, while the United Kingdom’s highest temperatures in the summer exceeded previous records by 1.6 degrees. Elsewhere on the continent, temperatures soared to between 40 and 43 degrees.

The resulting drought caused wildfires to raze forests in countries including France, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain, burning over 785,000 hectares or more than double the 317,000-hectare average

China experienced severe droughts.

In fact the only countries NOT reporting extreme weather never before experienced are some oil producers and some sub Saharan Africa countries (which are more like tribes) where there are almost constant small wars of extermination and countries with such poor infrastructure that they don’t provide accurate and reliable records. —

In a way even Russia is saying there is extreme climate change because it is now using the Northwest Passage which used to be the Arctic around the North Pole but is now just water.

You can say that one or two or even more are exaggerated when there are actual physical measurements, but are ALL of them including the UN just fake news?

Climate Change Deniers What is their Motive?

Is every satellite owner and every weather reporting station and 95+% of journalists in a vast conspiracy cult to make their own lives more difficult?

Some point out that the cost of disasters is higher because people built where they shouldn’t have. True, but the climate disaster still happened.

My book on climate change which I began a decade ago predicted that parts of Florida would become unlivable because of climate change, not just because of sea level rise but because insurance companies would refuse to cover many expensive coastal properties. This actually began in 2023.

“Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades.” paperback second edition

flood water climate change. Photo by John McCormick.
Flood water. Photo by John McCormick.
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