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Old Tree is An Accident Waiting to Happen

A tree in Figueroa Street, Folsom is in trouble, it has a 15 degree lean and it looks really sick. The tree seems too young to die, only about 33 years old, but resident Gene Cossairt says each day, a branch snaps off. Yesterday, he heard a cracking sound and a while later, a large branch came crashing down.

The tree is one of three sycamores planted in the sidewalk area about 33 years ago. The middle tree has already been removed because it had the same disease and was dropping limbs. Now this one is doing the same as it’s sibling.

The third tree has the same degree of lean, but it looks in good condition. A tree in the next yard along the street appears much healthier, has less of a lean and is much larger.

After the Branch fell, Mr Cossairt called the City and they sent out a truck to clean up the branch, which landed on the roadway. Mr Cossairt and a neighbor moved the branch.

Worried that branches may fall and damage his fence, or a vehicle, or even kill someone, Mr Cossairt says that although he likes the shade from the tree, it is too dangerous and he hopes the City will remove it before it creates a real problem.

Hopefully, the City will be able to remove the tree, discover and fix the reason for the disease and replace the tree with another.

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