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‘Farmweek’ Reports on Grains, Fruit and Livestock

Farmweek cast
Farmweek cast

For the week of September 21-28, 2012, “Farmweek” reported on livestock, grains and fruit in its latest market segment.


Mississippi State University (MSU) “hosts” this TV farm report show. They are located in Starkville, Mississippi.

Farmweek Cast

The “Farmweek” show updates farmers and those associated in any way with agriculture and livestock, on current prices, conditions and other related issues.

Trivia Question

The show’s trivia question for this week relates to fruit.


Where is the largest blackberry farm in the world?”

Answer choices given (answer below):

  • A. Singapore
  • B. Arkansas
  • C. Napa Valley
  • D. Louisiana

Marketing Segment

“Farmweek” Market Segment for September 21, 2012

  • Reaction to Cattle on Feed Report
  • Hog slaughter up as growers seek to cut feed losses
  • Rice hit by Consumer Reports arsenic charges
  • Corn market running out of steam?
  • Wheat moving sideways, but some strength indicated
  • Trivia Quiz – Location of largest blackberry farm?
Farmweek Cast

Trivia Answer

The location of the largest blackberry farm in the world is B. Arkansas.

“Farmweek” Cast

“Farmweek’s” cast is Leighton Spann, Amy Taylor and Artis Ford.

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