Inverter Battery Prices – 4 Easy Things to Remember

The United Nations recently issued a report on global weather patterns, predicting that heat waves are likely to become more intense and frequent in the 21st Century. With the eternal heat of the summer, the number of power cuts in many countries increases too and so does the need for an inverter battery.

To avoid suffering the discomfort brought by heat during blackouts, every house needs a good power backup system. Systems like inverters and UPS units provide backup power supply to appliances during power outages in homes or offices.

These appliances function by converting Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC), which is needed to run various appliances. So, to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply this summer, investing in an inverter is a good way to go.

Buying an inverter essentially means buying an inverter and a battery combination. The inverter and battery go hand in hand since the battery cannot function without the inverter and vice versa. The battery is the most important and possibly the costliest component of a power storage and backup unit. Therefore, while buying a new one, the inverter battery price should be considered carefully. Setting up a budget beforehand usually helps achieve it.

inverse battery prices
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There are some things to understand before comparing inverter battery prices. Four important factors to keep in mind during this process are listed below.

1. Type of Battery

While deciding on the inverter battery price, the main thing to look out for is the type of battery needed for power backup. There are different types of batteries designed to meet different kinds or levels of power needs. The battery prices vary accordingly. Depending on the purpose, some batteries may be costlier while others cheaper in comparison. Customers can thus choose from tubular batteries, gel batteries, flat plate batteries, etc.

2. Warranty Period Offered

The warranty period of a battery can also make a huge difference in the inverter battery price. A warranty period for an appliance is a limited period where the buyer can avail free repairing or service of the product they have purchased. For each customer, this period starts from the time of their purchase. A slightly higher price may indicate a better warranty deal that comes with it. This will in the long run reduce the inverter battery price in terms of maintenance and services over time.

3. Brand of Product

When deciding on the correct inverter battery, knowing and trusting the brand is important. In some cases, local sellers and brands may quote their products at extremely low prices. But these products turn out to be defective or lower quality than what was originally promised. Therefore, it is always important to watch out for these kinds of sellers. To be on the safe side, only brands that specialize in these products and have a good reputation should be trusted.

4. Inclusions in the Price

Before deciding on the best inverter battery, one should know about the after-sale services. Some of the major services that can be included in this are transportation, assembling and installation, handling the product, warranty, and various other things. Every vendor may have different terms and prices for after-sale services. Therefore, the customer should get full details and information on what is included in the price before making any purchase decisions.

Hopefully, this guide has helped readers understand the various factors to look for while comparing inverter battery prices. Of course, it is always important to know and understand all these factors before deciding on the budget for buying an inverter battery. Reputed brands like Luminous provide a great variety of batteries that are available at different price points. Explore their website now to learn more.