Where to Find A Dead Body When You Need One?

Its not every day that you need a dead body, but if you watch TV and movies, they seem to be in high demand.

Chuck Lamb thinks he is the perfect “Dead Body Guy” and he is so keen to land a spot on the TV or in a movie, that he’s created Deadbodyguy.com, a website to showcase his dead body talents.

Chuck says “I can lay around with the best of them! Just ask my wife. No one can lay around like me. Every CSI, Law & Order, and countless other movies and shows feature a dead body in it.”

Unfortunately for Chuck, most of the dead body action seems to be in Hollywood or New York and Chuck is in Columbus, Ohio. But that doesn’t faze him – he’s prepared to travel.

The website has photos of Chuck, living his dream of playing a dead body, including being crushed under a garage door.

He says “I’ve always dreamed of being in a movie or on TV. I grew up like most people in their 40’s watching everything from Dragnet to Twilight Zone and dreaming ‘I can do that if just given the chance’. I still watch every bit of the credits of a show or movie to see all of the people it takes to make it. Key grips, best boys and personal assistants are all included. I close my eyes and see DEAD BODY …… played by …… ME!”

Chuck has a list showing the “Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Be A Dead Body In A Movie Or On A TV Show As America’s Favorite Dead Body

While he hasn’t received an offer yet, Chuck is getting plenty of training and publicity.

Breaking News:

Dead Body Guy to Star in ‘Horrorween’, part in ‘Stiffs’, ‘What I like about You’

The Los Angeles Indie Film Association has chosen him for the “Award of Special Achievement” for self promotion.

Like most big stars, Chuck owes a debt of gratitude to his PR agent. Ann at RushPRnews is the publicity powerhouse behind the Dead Body Guy.

Check out his website at http://www.deadbodyguy.com

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