Tim Aalders Signs With Eclectic Media Productions

Eclectic Media Productions is pleased to announce the signing of Tim Aalders.

Tim Aalders, is currently a Radio/TV Talk Show Host at KTKK & KPDR TV, Station Marketing & On-Air Personality at K- Talk. With Tim you get a results-driven and profit-focused professional, offering 20+ years of management experience within transportation, retail, wholesale, and real estate industries. He’s a diverse entrepreneur providing a successful track record of starting up businesses and leading them to profitability, while directing all aspects of daily operations. Also, a customer-oriented operations manager who drives growth and improvements balanced with the ability to ensure client satisfaction.

Tim’s show, Buy Back America Radio – Uniting Patriots to Restore America, has recently reformed to Freedom’s Voice, where he recognizes the need for Americans to unite to protect freedom and liberty. The site, which was launched on January 2, 2013, already has 44,000 hits and growing. It is a place for freedom minded people to go and get information without any political or corporate bias.

Freedom’s Voice can be accessed at www.freedomsvoicemedia.com.

Shannon Rose, President of Eclectic Media, states, “Tim Aalders has created a solid foundation for a successful career, and we look forward to taking it even further.”

Tim Aalders in response says, “I’m confident in working with Shannon and his team to further my career and reach out to more people.”

For more information on Tim Aalders, and to listen to Buy Back America Radio visit: http://www.buybackamerica.com/index.html

Tim Aalders is represented by Eclectic Media Productions, a National PR Firm.

Shannon Rose

Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.