Go Now: Super-Smallville News — and Not So-Super

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Super-Smallville News — and Not So-Super

Though Chloe Sullivan was arrested by Homeland Security, she may not go to jail, as her portrayer Alison Mack has resigned her contract for next season on the CW’s Smallville.

Sadly, her co-star Laura Vandervoort was recently told TV Guide that her character, Kara, aka Supergirl, won’t be back. But still look up in the sky, as the young actress stated she may return for the series’ eighth season for an episode or two.

In other casting news, actress Lauren Lee Smith will be joining the cast of CSI for its ninth season. According to a CBS spokesperson from TV Guide, she’ll be portraying Bryce Willis, who is described as a “flirtatious, witty, and strong-willed non-conformist” that joins the night shift.

Smith is best known as empathic Emma DeLauro on the syndicated series Mutant X and chef Lara Perkins on Showtime’s The L Word.

ABC Daytime Scoop

Next week on All My Children, we’re invited to the wedding of Pine Valley supercouple Angie & Jesse — but will they make it long enough to not only get re-married, but also their honeymoon? And Greenlee finally knows the truth of Kendall and Aidan’s one-night stand. Is this end of Greenlee and Aidan?

Then on One Life to Live, Blair makes a choice involving her marriage and her family, as she tells Todd to stay away from their daughter Starr. And on Rex and Adriana’s wedding, Gigi confess her love for the groom, leading the bride to leave a mark on her romantic rival’s face. Will there still be a wedding or not?

And on General Hospital, Sonny decides to leave his dangerous lifestyle behind — but will it mean giving his parental rights as Michael’s and Morgan’s father? Meanwhile, Sonny’s enemy, Claudia Zacchara, confess to Nikolas her role in Michael’s shooting. What will Nikolas do with what he knows?

Tune in to these soaps weekdays on ABC, weeknights and weekends on SOAPnet.

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