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‘Galileo The Musical’ an Eco-Friendly Work in Progress


The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at The Robert Moss Theatre hosted a segment of a developing serious, comic and satiric musical, and plays, that parallel current political ideologies and social consciousness. Among them shines the musical, Galileo, an intriguing story merging the life of Galileo Galilei with a modern-day scientist.

Book by Marisol Tirelli Rivera and music and lyrics by James Behr, Galileo explores historical and scientific events: unscrupulous Big Business and in-pocket politicians, verses visionary and idealistic searchers for truth.

? “Galileo merges these concepts into a musical of wonderfully colorful, dramatic and witty songs alongside a story that chillingly suggests that society has not evolved as far as some believe. The musical makes comparisons between the humiliating experience the famed astronomer faced in being forced by the Vatican to recant his scientific revelations about the earth orbiting the sun, and a brilliant modern-day scientist facing degradation by Washington politicians regarding his warnings of doom by global warming, environmental destruction and the apathy of people in refusing to take action.”
(LR) Trish Szymanski, Ellen Weiss, Jason Pumarada, Nathan Lugo, Frank Rosner, Paul Fraccalvieri, Gloria Rice, and Tatum Kenney

Galileo offers powerful music alongside a poignant message.

(The Planet Conections Theatre Festivity strives to provide meaningful theatre and continues through June 26, which also includes a series of One-Acts.)

Keeping it Green, productions try to recycle everything from paper to costume and have a portion of the proceeds go to charity, this time the East Coast Maine Coon Rescue.

The Robert Moss Theatre

440 Lafayette Street

New York, NY

(866) 811-4111

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