Four Ways to Score Broadway Tickets at an Affordable Price


Headed to New York City on vacation? If this is your first time visiting the Big Apple, there are a couple of must-do activities: visit the Statue of Liberty, travel to the top of the Empire State Building, stroll through Chinatown, and see a Broadway show.

Unless you have unlimited vacation funds, however, that last item on the list may sound difficult. Broadway shows are notoriously expensive, and tickets to the most popular ones can be well-nigh impossible to score.

Unless you know some insider secrets.

There are a few tips and tricks that native New Yorkers, as well as frequent travelers to the City That Never Sleeps, might not want you to know about. Read on for the top 4!

1. Head To The Theatre Early in the Morning

If you’re one of the first people to arrive at the box office when it opens, you may be able to score rush tickets. If there’s a show you’re dying to see and you don’t mind skipping your morning Starbucks, this can be a wonderful way to get tickets for as little as $25 a piece.

2. Try the TKTS Booth

The Theatre Development Fund operates several of these bright red booths, which offer tickets to all but the hottest Broadway hits for up to 50% off. Again, it’s best to visit the booth early in the day for the best selection. If you have your heart set on one specific Broadway show, check their website ahead of time. Folks who are more flexible and just want to see some great musical theatre can score a great deal at a TKTS booth, however.

3. Plan To Attend A Matinee

Matinees on Broadway are less popular than evening shows, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the full experience. Not all theatres offer matinees every day, so you will need to do your research, but you can save a bundle by going to an afternoon show. That means you will have plenty of time and money to enjoy an early dinner afterwards, before hitting the nightclub or checking out the bright lights of the big city.

4. Grab an App

There are a number of online sources for inexpensive Broadway show tickets, but one of the best is Download the app for amazing deals on last-minute performances – not only in New York but in other major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Use a TodayTix promo code and you’ll snag an additional discount.

Remember that theatre managers want to fill seats. That means they’re also willing to let tickets go for a discount. You must know where (and when!) to look.

Getting all dolled up, alighting from a cab on the Great White Way, and taking your seat in one of Broadway’s iconic theatres is an experience you will never forget. Just use these tips to make certain the experience is unforgettable because of the show itself, not because you paid an exorbitant amount for the tickets!

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.