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Angry Young Women In Low-Rise Jeans With High-Class Issues Has Xmas Homecoming

ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN In a skit set in the dressing room of a film studio, an actress dreading her first nude scene is reassured by her mischievous best friend. Left: Erika Helen Smith. Right: Lauren Murphy. Photo by Zita Bradley.

The play, Morillo’s first, was published last spring by Samuel French, along with Morillo’s second play, “All Aboard the Marriage Hearse.” The show’s website is www.angryyoungwomen.net.

The piece is a light-to-serious look at the psychology of nervous urban goddesses. It parades a series of foxy, witty and anxious women who bear the expectations of the world like an itchy muffler. In a series of skits, they go head to head with such issues as Electra complexes, bikini waxes, low-rise jeans, oversexed mothers, thongs, brazen teenagers, men’s sexual fantasies, side effects of birth control drugs, mean teenagers on the subway, sympathy sex and the artistic integrity of penises and vaginas in independent films. The show bills itself as “An Outrageous Comedy” and its postcards declare “Even though it’s a play, it doesn’t suck.”

In skit called Unprotected Sex, a young woman (Rachel Nau), who has just gone on the pill, displays her mood swings for her boyfriend (Nicholas J. Coleman, center) and his friend (Thomas Plutik, left). Photo by KADM productions.

In the upcoming production, original cast members Nick Coleman, Tom Pilutik and Angelique Letizia will be joined by newcomers Lauren Murphy, Poppi Kramer, Erika Helen Smith, Vi Flaten, and Gage Cass. Performances will be December 3 to 20, 2009 at Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue (at E. 10th Street), Manhattan. Shows are Thursdays through Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 7PM. Tickets are $20 general admission and can be ordered by calling SMARTTIX at 212 868 4444; online ticketing is available at: www.angryyoungwomen.net.


Prior to his theatrical shift, Morillo was a fixture on the New York independent film scene for ten years. He debuted at 23 with his romantic comedy, “The Pretenders,” a film with a cast of unknowns and a non-existent budget that became an enjoyable, funny and ultimately touching film about twenty-somethings struggling with life’s ups and downs. His next project, “Good Tidings,” was a fifteen-minute short film about a young girl suffering through her parents’ divorce. It received great praise at film festivals for its realism and honesty. His third film, “Maid Of Honor,” was a twenty-five minute comedy about a simple guy trying to hook up with the maid of honor at a wedding. It was a hit on the festival circuit, winning three awards and playing to sold-out theaters. (Audiences pleaded for copies of the film).

Last January, Morillo directed “Stay Over,” a play he had written with Maria Micheles, at TNC. It was a comedy of what can happen to you when trying to make up after an infidelity. Morillo has also written stand-up comedy for some of Los Angeles and New York’s up and coming comedians. Morillo will unveil his newest play, “American Soldiers,” at TNC January 7 to 31, 2010.


First cast of Australian production of Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans With High Class Issues.


“Matt Morillo, a comedy writer from Long Island, directs his own series of sketches about the conundrums facing contemporary urban hotties – namely, thong underwear, bikini waxes, bad boyfriends, and late feminism….Ironically, the best thing is the pitch-perfect dialogue that Morillo writes for the men in the ladies’ lives: mystified young guys in generic jeans who prefer not to think about their issues.” – The New Yorker (Joy Goodwin)

“Angry Young Women is a fearless look at modern womanhood told through a series of comedic vignettes that left the audience both laughing and appalled. Watching this play would be a great outlet for angry young women every where; it embraces all that is crazy, neurotic, hypocritical and vulnerable in our lives. The lovely actresses unleash intense emotional whirlwinds throughout the entire eighty-five minute performance, somehow managing to continually keep the drama humorous….Matt Morillo has written and directed a show that entertains men and women alike. Somehow he has managed to capture private female thoughts and intimate moments with such accuracy that you have to wonder if he had a personal peephole into the ladies room at his local bar. The audience of both men and women laughed with the seven young brazen actors for the majority of the show. The pace, momentum and vigor were unfailing and it was a sexy and shocking night at the theatre – something we could all probably use.” – New York Cool (Shareshten Senior):

CRITIC’S PICK (A MUST SEE) “The Playwright/director seems able to grasp deeply many of these situations…and carve them into often-hilarious comic sketches.” – Backstage (Tom Penketh)

“Brilliant…laughs are to be had throughout…every joke is fast and funny…it is nearly impossible to find a reason not to laugh at this ingenious farce…a truly great piece of theater.” – Offoffonline.com (Timothy John Papp)

“It’s like the Carol Burnett show…but with sex!” – WOR Radio (Reviewed by Joey Reynolds)

Australian poster for Angry Young Women…


“Morillo gets to the core of the most pressing issues plaguing our post-Sex and the City society…Each of the skits is witty, cheeky and all the more hilarious because of characters and experiences that are instantly recognizable….The female characters are beautiful, complex, full of opinions and wavering temperaments. The men are baffled, and the frequent bursts of knowing laughter from blokes in the audience suggest Morillo has drawn his material from common experiences.” – The Daily Telegraph (Alex Lalak)

“Matt Morillo hits the g-spot in…a play that will enrage as equally as it will entertain.” – Sydney Theatre.net

“A very funny show indeed…If the opening-night audience response is anything to go by, it would be a great show for a bunch of girlfriends to see together, and there’s plenty for the lads to enjoy too.”- Australian Stage (Jack Teiwes)

“From the opening moments it feels like the Cosmo sealed section grew a mouth and limbs and trotted out onto the stage… takes a no-holds-barred approach to pretty much everything when it comes to talking about sex.” – Australian Stage Online (Helen Barry)

“A balanced, funny and entertaining series of skits and monologues…’Angry Young Women In Low-rise Jeans With High Class Issues has people rolling in the aisles with laughter.” – Aussie Theater.com (Reviewed by Troy Dodds)


“A cheerfully raunchy show that boasts some hilarious writing…showcases a fearless and funny cast in a sharp production. As a director, Morillo keeps the energy high and the pace fast.” – Daily Variety (Terry Morgan)

“What would normally be described as a ‘chick’ dilemma, Morillo created an intelligent, sexy-smart play. Not bad for a debut!!” – Entertainment Today (Mary E. Montoro)

“An excited woman behind me averred ‘That was simply the best, the absolute best show I’ve seen’ as we huddled out the door. There seemed no lack of laughter through each vignette.” – LA Splash (Robert Petrarca)

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