WIDEawake Entertainment Group Releases ‘A Broken Silence’ March 13

CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): WIDEawake Entertainment Group has signed the band A Broken Silence, whose self-titled debut album will be release worldwide on March 13.

The quintet made a name for themselves in their native Australia in 2008, where their mixture of punk rock and metal guitar sound earned them both Rock and Hip-Hop fans.

a broken silence

The members of A Broken Silence are “Torcha” John Chmielewski, “B-Don” Brendon Costello, “Cactus” Daniel Bartulovuch, “Boots” Simon Lennon and Nathan Tuffin.

Already toured with popular Hip-Hop and Rap artists such as De La Soul and Xzibit, A Broken Silence is define as the band who “pushes the boundaries of genre while staying true to their individual cultures, in effect creating a sound that does not have many to compare to.

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