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Traversing The Mase: Time for a Tribute!

For seven weeks this writer has been delving into the super-powers of Marla Mase. As all of our readers and Marla Mase fans (who are growing in number every single day, by the way) have seen with these weekly articles, is that Marla Mase is a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, but the power of Marla Mase invades all different aspects of life.

Whether she’s planning a party with her amazing businesses (Party Poopers and partySWANK); or sitting in a room ‘jamming’ with musicians and creating lyrics that will stop the world; OR, staring out a window of a Tribeca apartment while taking her fears, beliefs, and strength, and creating plays that have been seen by thousands and will soon see the Broadway stage – Marla Mase has all bases covered.

When I hear the lyrics of Marla Mase; when I see an interview with the strong voice and high intelligent quotient; or simply receive an email that shows me yet another review that tells me Marla Mase is a force to be reckoned with – a lioness appears in my mind. I can actually see that illustrious creature appear on the field to the roar of the crowds in The Coliseum. Marla Mase can circle her friends and foes just as those majestic animals can. She can stand on stage and give sexy, strong, enigmatic performances that are as much theatrical as they are a night of pure rock-and-roll entertainment that takes listeners far away from their normal, ‘humdrum’ world.

Marla Mase can also turn off the roar and morph into The Coliseum’s greatest champion – the Gladiator – clothed in their metal skin, while raising their chin and their sword into the air. But with Marla Mase, instead of the Gladiator making war with the lion, she becomes both; two sides of one very eclectic lady. The Gladiator’s shout and the lion’s roar combine in Marla Mase. And with both entities of strength inside her soul, she can go into a recording studio and sing the lyrics she’s created that earn her rave review after rave review after rave review.

When I first began writing about Marla Mase, I compared her to the Goddess Kali – that effervescent goddess/demon personality who has many hands, who made no apologies, took no prisoners, and had leagues of people following her into eternity. The one difference I’ve come across thus far between the amazing Marla Mase and the Goddess Kali is that, Marla Mase – if at all possible – has MORE hands than Kali could’ve ever imagined. This is a woman who must run on two hours sleep, which actually fits for a resident of the fast-paced world that is New York City. Kali, who is known as the ambassador of eternal energy, would actually get a run for her money from Marla Mase.

Week after week we’ve uncovered layer after layer of a woman who is real and outspoken; she doesn’t hide behind ridiculous outfits, attitudes, or industry-‘likes.’ This is a woman who is not only a person you wish to see perform; this is also a woman you wish to be best friend’s with. Think about it. Having Marla Mase in your corner would be very much like being able to have a cup of coffee with Nostradamus every morning and go over what he thinks and feels about life. Unlike the “pop” creations that are on the market today, who have to rely on wearing dresses made out of meat in order for people to listen to them, *Marla Mase is the real-deal.

Marla Mase is never embarrassed by the mix of sensuality and strength that she brings to the table. And, quite frankly, the god Shiva would’ve dumped Kali for this lady. I also once said that, upon speaking with and researching the amazing number of worlds Marla Mase encompasses, she begins to seem like a strong branch on Kali’s family tree. I wish to retract that statement. *Marla Mase *IS the tree.

All reviews that are circulating out there in magazines, newspapers, the internet, and the ‘buzz’ that’s flowing through the streets of the city, say that this woman – Marla Mase – is the epitome of talent. She has stood before her demons without breaking, turned around, and told the world with everything she does – in her businesses, her songs, her writing…everything, that there is absolutely nothing that you can not achieve. It’s like Cinderella’s fairy godmother got together with Kali and decided to grant wishes to the world. And that’s not to be cutesy people. When each and every one of us look at someone who works hard and does not give up no matter what the world may throw at them, this is the person that A) we wish to emulate; and, B) we believe when she speaks. Therefore all of her albums, her live shows, her plays…absolutely everything that comes from the mind of Marla Mase is something we want to be a part of.

Just recently, Shockwave Magazine offered a new review for Marla Mase’s, A Brief Night Out, which they stated is, “one of the most eclectic releases of recent time.” Shockwave certainly used the correct terminology to sum up this powerful being and what, A Brief Night Out brings to our world. And they continued: “…takes you on a whirl wind of music, poetry, and raw emotion. …a wild journey that will you have you one moment raising up an eyebrow questioning what you’re listening to, to the next moment of throwing your fist in the air rocking.”

This is the inner Marla Mase that holds nothing back and gives every bit of herself to her audiences. One of the tracks that is being talked about right now is titled, Rockin’ Hot Mase, or R.H.M. Even though the title may call ‘ego’ into play, the lyrics go much deeper than that. This is a real living-breathing woman who has been up against life, with some fights that were won while others were lost; but a woman who, most definitely, continues going back into the ring no matter what. On R.H.M. there are many lines that tell you, the listener, about Marla Mase, such as: “Yeah all my curves are all the rage, and yeah I got an ass and I’m not embarrassed to shake it all over town. Cause my heat is transforming, and I’m not boring.”

That is an understatement. A lot in this world has become boring. On streets all across America I’ve noticed people far more in love with their cell phones than they are with their children, husbands, wives, friends…the list goes on and on. Cars pass me by with drivers who don’t even see that they’re about to run a red light. There are people in stores with phones literally attached to their heads as if it was their mother’s breast from long ago. Why is this an issue? Simple. People don’t look you IN THE EYE anymore. In fact, they’re so into their electronic ‘dimension’ that they don’t even notice that there are humans, animals, nature, beauty, LIFE going on all around them. (I, for one, hope the Pearly Gates offer headphones just so there aren’t any monumental breakdowns that hold up the line.)

Now, whether or not Marla Mase has a cell-phone J is really none of my business. But when she looks at you from that stage she looks you DIRECTLY in the eye. She lays her heart and soul open for anyone and everyone to see. And Marla Mase forever proves that she is more than just a musician; she paints a world of intimacy, imagery, love, war, pain, beauty, even patriotism. This is truly a woman who instills such magic in the human heart that it’s as if she should be wrapped in the American Flag while she sings.

Am I going overboard? Nope. As you will see from all the articles truth, honesty, and no bullshit is the way I see the world – which makes *Marla Mase *the woman to listen to where I’m concerned.

Don’t buy A Brief Night Out, buy a carton of them. Take A Brief Night Out and pass them around. Give them out to every cell-holding zombie walking the earth right now – and get them to wake up!

There is something out there in the world. There is SOMEONE to listen to that will change lives! This is a tribute, people. And it’s about time someone who really deserves one gets one!

All Hail, Kali? I beg to differ. All Hail, Marla Mase is the correct chant for the 21st Century.

Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.

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