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The Book of American Idol: I David — David Cook

The Book of American Idol will never include a rocker…Just ask Chris Daughtry and Bo Bice.

David Cook, rocker for this season’s idol never set out to be the next American Idol. Originally, his little brother was the one that was trying out, and he came along for moral support. However, David’s audition “happened on a whim”, and though his sibling didn’t make the cut, he did. “I’m kind of here on his bill” the Top 5 finalist responds. “Hopefully, he’ll try out next year and be where I am.”

So far, the current odds of him of becoming this season’s Idol is 10-11.

“David Cook deserves to win this competition” stated CookVoter on the Idol comment section. “[He is a] Multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. He didn’t even skip a bit on musical theater theme week proving he has background in that genre too. His voice is so very unique and captivating.”

Like everyone else, David and the rest of contestants on Idol deal with their personal lives behind the scenes. But once you’re onstage, it is Showtime. When the camera is on, he said, you swallow your personal life and perform.

So, what is the secret to David Cook’s success? “[I’m] trying to find songs that fit me … Does it get overwhelming? Yeah, but I’m still having fun.”

David Cook never set out to be on American Idol. So, how could he want it as bad as the others?

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