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The Best of American Bandstand: May 5, 1984

It is time to Go Now with The Best of American Bandstand, with special guests Christine McVie, Wire Train, and in the Video Showcase, The Cars. So, let’s start “Dancing in the Sheets”, as we open this edition of Bandstand with Shalimar:

Well, that’s a great way to begin today’s Bandstand with one of the hottest songs on the charts from the Footloose soundtrack. Up next, it’s Berlin, and there’s “No More Words” to say about this group — because they’re coming to Bandstand in one week!

Our special guest today is truly a “Songbird”, for she is part of one of the most successful music supergroups, Fleetwood Mac. Their 1977 album Rumours became one of the biggest-selling records of all time with classics such as “Dreams”, “Don’t Stop”, and “Go Your Own Way”. Now, she’s on her own, about to perform her first two Top 40 hits from her debut album. Ladies and gentleman, Christine McVie!

Next, we have a live performance from Wire Train, and you can find out more about them at www.myspace.com/wiretrain. So, here they are with “Chamber of Hellos”:

Now, “You Might Think” we might have had enough of this band; well, think again. Last week, they were in the Spotlight Dance, and now they’re in the Video Showcase with their biggest hit ever. Here’s a future hint: love blossoms for the young woman and her boyfriend in this video in real life as well. Directed by Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, here’s Ben Orr taking the wheel with the Cars’ 1984 tragic yet tender “Drive”.

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