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Rick Springfield: Venus In Overdrive CD Review

Venus in Overdrive is the latest from Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Rick Springfield. This CD took him and bassist Matt Bissonette an impressive 32 days to record. “It is an album about love in all its forms,” Rick said, “and since Venus is the goddess of love, it’s called Venus in Overdrive.”

Venus has already broken into the Billboard 200, peaking at #28. Its first single, “What’s Victoria’s Secret?” was recently performed by Springfield on ABC’s General Hospital. Both “Victoria’s” and the title song are several of the songs to dance to because it has the power-pop/rock sound Springfield has known for in his three decade-plus career; “3 Warning Shots” (about the man who shot John Lennon) and the “politically incorrect” “Mr. PC” are also great tracks to listen too.

However, Venus has that other classic Springfield touch, for it is also an album of soul-searching. “One Passenger” is about asking God, Buddha, or any deity we believe in the question of why we’re here on Earth. “Oblivious” and “Saint Sahara” are in honor of Sahara Aldridge, a young girl that has gone to several of Rick’s concerts and whom Rick and his band became close who recently passed away.

“There is a lot of personal stuff in these songs,” Springfield continued, “but we have tried to craft them so they still have a universal voice. We are older, yet still teenagers, we have lost people we love and still love the people who are on our journey with us, we are angry at some of the crap in the world yet love our human failings.”

The sound of Rick Springfield continues to mature over the years, but it has remained timeless, and Venus in Overdrive has proven that. As always with his music, Rick Springfield takes us on an emotional, spiritual, and personal journey. Venus in Overdrive is perfect for his legions of fans, and you can find them at your local music stores or order it online at Amazon.

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