Radio: Still the Best Way to Discover New Music

Digital streaming is continuously evolving in phone and device app form. However, radio remains the leader when finding new music or discovering new artists.

Nielsen Knows You

Nielsen’s ratings do not only apply to television. The tracking of music is part of their wheelhouse.

Nielsen’s tracking reports that nearly fifty percent of people still use the radio as the basis of discovering new music.

Streaming services make attempts to measure up, for example, Spotify’s Release Radar and Discover Weekly. But, it still is not as broad as radio.

One of the main aspects of radio that draws listeners is the diversity of DJ’s, alone. Streaming services still do not track them enough to produce new music for everyday music listeners.

Online Radio Tuners

Commuting to work and school is how many people listen to the radio and discover the diamond in the rough. Often it is a more local band or a DJ that recently hosted a show nearby, regardless, tuning is how music lovers are on top of trends.

Websites like Radio Locator allows anyone to enter a zip code and bring up local channels, or even from states of interest. The radio tuner sites are not only for weather and news. Music lovers still listen to the radio to find the obscure.

Online radio stations filter AM and FM, genre (Country, Folk, Gospel, etc.), and the reachable range making it easy for online listeners to find their preferences.

The features of online radio stations include:

  • Ability to listen to music all over the United States
  • Filters for AM/FM and niche
  • Find used frequencies
  • Locate radio stations by city, state, or zip code
  • Local news, weather, and bands

Carrying Around Real-Time Tunes

The days of AM/FM may feel over. However, the ways to carry around real-time music and news is evolving as quickly as digital streaming. Portable AM FM radio is not dead.

Brands of portal radios stay on top of technology. Music is as easy as an armband, in some models.

The portable radio dates back to 1965. It has since come a long way. Keeping up with digital trends, they even are Bluetooth capable.

Never miss the latest hit song or news with a portable radio.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.