Prophet Muhammad Releases His First Musical Sermon

Controversial Author and Opinion Writer Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad has released his first musical sermon called “She Wants 2 Kill All The Men?”

Muhammad has released the techno version of the sermon on the music website CD Baby as a digital download.

The song was originally released as an acapella recording, which was first introduced on Facebook in 2014 and was shared over 50,000 times. Because of the positive feedback Muhammad got on Facebook, he decided to have the track produced by upcoming producer Jason Stacey at, the Anti – Lesbian Anthem?

The song was immediately dubbed the Anti-Lesbian Anthem by Facebook members worldwide. And it was also considered by some as a “warning to heterosexual men” of the consequences of the spread of lesbianism throughout the world.

Thanks to CD Baby’s Internet Radio Program, the song is now streaming worldwide and is due to be released through rapper Jay-Z’s new music streaming site

So Prophet Muhammad is really spreading his name around the globe through books, online articles and now music, and this hot new track is sure to be a club hit in the near future.


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