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Pianist Virtuoso Patrik ‘Piano’ Maiani Signs with Starpower Management


Starpower Management LLC is pleased to announce that they have signed Patrik Maiani across the board. Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin formerly represented Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams among more. The talent manager is also a producer for feature film, working on pictures with Academy Award winning stars attached. Bruce Edwin is also entertainment editor of The Beverly Hills Times, entertainment writer for NewsBlaze, and publisher of The Hollywood Sentinel, which is read by some of the biggest stars of our time.

Patrik ‘Piano’ Maiani is an entertainer, pianist, composer, inventor, teacher, and author. Born May 21st, 1964, in Santa Cruz California, Patrik moved to Santa Barbara California in 1966 where he made solid ties that would last a lifetime. His Father was renown opera singer and fine oil painting artist; Dario Darnell Maiani, and his mother; a Spanish dancer- Rosemary Ashby.

Patrik started studying music and piano at the age of five with Irma Star- a fourth generation student of Chopin. At the age of eighteen he turned down a scholarship to Julliard to play and study music with his father. He moved to Los Angeles in 1984 and became a performer for many celebrity events and movie premiers, as well as a resident pianist at numerous five star hotels.

He moved back to Santa Barbara in 1999, and started teaching piano to children of the rich and famous in Montecito, and recorded 10 solo piano CDs. In 2006, Patrik composed a classic anthem called “I Wish Everyday Was Christmas” which was recorded and performed by J.R., the songwriter and lead singer of the #1 hit ‘Blue Car’ by the band Dishwalla in the 1990s.

Patrik was granted a U.S. patent for his method of a new way of reading and writing music using letters on a phrase line in place of traditional notation on a staff. He was featured on the front cover of the ‘Santa Barbara News Press’ for the invention which is a breakthrough for new musicians and songwriters. He has made four music books in this method called EZ/MUZIK.

Patrik is currently the President of a Non Profit music school called Montecito Music and Arts Inc. sharing his EZ/MUZIK method with the community and ultimately putting this method onto the web and ipad and related tablets, so that anyone who can read their ABC’s can now read music instantly with EZ/ MUZIK.

To promote his EZ/MUZIK he created a live show called BACH 2 ROCK LIVE, a musical journey going back three hundred years up to the present day of music. He performs it as a solo pianist and with a full band. His new show will be performed with the State Street Ballet Company in Santa Barbara on August 27th, 2011. For more information, visit:

www.patrikpiano.com and


For booking and media requests, contact

www.StarpowermanagementLLC.com or call; Tel: 310-226-7176

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