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Eclectic Media Productions Signs Deal With Clemons Road

The music and public relations community seem to think the same logically on several different fronts. As they both depend on continued support and up to the minute exposure to survive, it would make perfect sense for the two media scoundrels to collaborate on their way to a successful partnership. The rest is history as Eclectic Media Productions threw their line into the music ocean and Clemons Road came by to grab it, deciding to begin a partnership that will never let it go.

Clemons Road is one of the hottest bands on the country scene that prides themselves on originality and passion. This is a down-home country band from the little town of Plant City, FL, who continues their trend of making great music, while sticking to their own Florida Style. Cliff Brown, Lead Vocalist and spokesperson for the group said, “When the opportunity presented itself to sign on with Eclectic Media PR, it was an opportunity we could not pass up. We have been looking for representation to portray who we are as a group, not what we are as a ticket. Clemons Road has found a home in Eclectic Media PR.”

Eclectic Media Productions, highly esteemed PR and Marketing Firm was looking to add another diverse element to an already overflowing portfolio. What better way than to add the hottest new sensations to the fold in Clemons Road. Shannon K. Rose, President of Eclectic Media PR Firm, was quoted as saying, “We were looking to add another piece to our diversified empire, one that would catapult us right to the top of the entertainment business.” Clemons Road has afforded us the opportunity to direct and steer their already successful career through the path of accolades and great fortune!

About Eclectic Media Productions

Eclectic Media PR was formed by Shannon Rose in 2007. The company’s primary purpose is to provide their clients with the best in PR, and website administration. Eclectic Media PR is an independent public relations and marketing firm who provides strategic marketing, PR services, communications planning, and media outreach. Eclectic Media PR is committed to delivering insightful press releases, outstanding execution, positive results, reliable service, and they strive to develop long-term client relationships.

Clemons Road blends Country music with an island feel. Pulling their influences from Sublime to Alan Jackson, Dave Matthews to Jimmy Buffet, or Lynyrd Skynyrd to Zac Brown Band, Clemons Road can keep all audiences heads bobbing and feet moving. Grammy award winning music producer Cliff brown (lead vocals/guitar) wanted to form a band that would their own style of music, pushing the limits on the way to success. The musical result is much like the place where they live as they put all of their influences into a blender to make a concoction that everyone can drink! Cliff puts it this way, “We want to be a band that crosses cultures and breaks age barriers. We want to make people feel good and give them songs to use for the soundtrack of their lives!”

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