Daniel Rodriguez, the Singing Policeman Wows Folsom Valentines

“America’s Beloved Tenor,” Daniel Rodriguez, brought a heartfelt performance to the Folsom Lake Community Concert Association at Oak Hills Church in Folsom, on Sunday, Valentine’s Day.

One special song for “his veterans” was “Granada,” followed by “If I Loved You,” performed with his wife Marla and then “With a Song in My Heart,” by Mario Lanza.

The two hour concert, part of the Community Concert Association’s electrifying season, was enthusiastically received by the largest audience in the association’s history.

The final song, brought a well-deserved standing ovation, “Bring Him Home,” from Les Miserables.

Daniel Rodriguez Tour

Daniel is performing in 107 cities on his current tour, appearing and traveling with his wife, Marla and her twin sister Marissa. The identical twin sisters have been entertaining professionally in New Zeland and the US as Harmony. Their phenomenal sound is like one voice in harmony.

Daniel Rodriques speaks with Bea Buder. Photo by NewsBlaze.
Daniel Rodriques speaks with Bea Buder. Photo by NewsBlaze.

Daniel Rodriguez Story

It was fate that brought an unknown New York police officer named Daniel Rodriguez to the national stage after September 11, 2001. While a country in mourning looked for answers, it was his stirring a cappella renditions of “God Bless America” and the National Anthem that brought renewed hope, determination and patriotism to America.

Since that memorable performance, Daniel has sung around the world including at the 2002 Winter Olympics, and he was featured in the PBS Memorial Day concert in Washington, D.C.

With three CD’s under his belt, Daniel is looking to the future with the same optimistic spirit that has brought him to this point. His goals include the Broadway stage, opera and acting. “I don’t want to limit myself,” he says. “For me, life is an experience; life is a ride; you can’t say I’m going to take this road, and that’s it. Life has twists and turns, and you have to be able to navigate through them.”

Live On Stage

Live On Stage, Inc. represents Daniel Rodriguez, and helped the Folsom Lake Community Concert Association engage him as part of the 2009-2010 Concert Season

The concert was presented by the Folsom Lake Community Concert Association’s board, including Sandra Burvant, President; Tom Chilton, VP Publicity; Donald Littlefield, CFO.; Doreen and Steve Mykytyn, VP of Subscribers; John Rogolino, VP Contracts,; Donna and Don Thomas, VP Fund Development,; Mary Etta Hamzawi, Secretary; Dick Merz, Past President and directors Denny Wiemers, Mary Lee Dunn, Yvonne Gordon, Diane Ellis, Don Parks and Alan Gray.

Season subscriptions for the 2010-2011 concert season are available from March to May for $55 for the entire season of five concerts. A special concert will be presented for early subscribers, showcasing Tom Rigney and his group Flambeau. Season tickets are limited to the first 850 subscribers.

For more information visit the website at www.flcca.org

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