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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Anastasia A Plans to KISS & TELL

CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): This coming Sunday, singer-songwriter Anastasia A and her management group will have “Kick-off” auditions for “KISS & TELL”, her first single from the collaboration between BMMG and Universal Music Canada. The auditions will be held in Toronto at the Rehearsal Factory (660 Richmond Street West) starting at 4pm on Sunday.

Already on her way to becoming a star, Anastasia A has worked with Canadian artists such as Down with Webster and Suzie McNeil. She dueted with UMG’S STEREOS on “Barely Breathing” from their latest album Uncontrollable, and appeared in JD ERA’s newest music video “Fame and Fortune”.

Anastasia A is set to perform live at this year’s Canadian Music Week 2012. “KISS & TELL” is set to be released this Valentine’s Day.

You can find out more about Anastasia A on either Facebook and/or Twitter.

Anastasia and her management group will be holding band auditions and the “kick-off” for “KISS &TELL,”

WHEN: Sunday February 12,


WHERE: Rehearsal Factory, 660 Richmond Street West, Toronto

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